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Created a new topic Made with Spritedow
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Hi everyone!

Spritedow has been used in some games and I want to show them to everyone! You've made a game with Spritedow? Tell me! I'll add it to the list :)

Agatha Knife
Buy it on Nintendo Switch!
Buy it on Xbox One!

A Platformer for Ants
Play it!

Play it!

Hell Snails
Play it!

Rampage of Technology
Play it!

Wrath of Cuteulhu
Play it!

Play it!

Nice concept, I like how the enemies moves when you hit them, the physics-based movement is really fun. It's a bit hard tho, but enjoyable :)

Ah, the last stage, the one I'm proudest :)

Thank you for your feedback!

I wanted to add a tutorial or something to explain the bombs behaviours, but the lack of time hit me with that :(

I'm going to check the conditions on the stage 7 and the 360 gamepad :)

Thank you very much for the video and the good words!! 

The game has been very well received, so I probably make more levels and add some new mechanics.

Thanks again :)

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Check it out!

Hi everyone! I made this tool for Unity3D that increases the workflow with Sprite Animations.

It has a simple editor where you can make your animations and preview the results very easy, and it's completely standalone, so, no Mecanim.

I work very often with 2D sprites and Spritesheets and making animations and events on it was such a pain in the ass. This tool solved almost all my problems. I use this tool on my day-to-day work, so, expect updates, improvements and new features very soon.

If you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask!! :)


  • Simple and easy to use Animation editor
  • Animation preview
  • Play animations forward or backward
  • Play random animations
  • Animate ignoring time scale
  • Custom animation framerate
  • Custom frame duration
  • Basic events (onPlay, onStop...)
  • Custom events
  • Works with SpriteRenderer and UI Images
  • Renderer control methods
  • Make simple behaviours without code (loop, random, play on awake, delay between loops, disable renderer on end...)
  • Completely standalone, this plugin does not use the Unity's animation system