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Thank you very much for your kind words, it means a lot. I'm very happy that you liked the game, thank you for playing it!!

To that I can answer.

I've basically change the animation using the velocity on the Y axis when jumping. If the velocity is positive, jumping animation, if is negative, falling animation. I'm using my own plugin to change the animations (you can check it here It's pretty simple in fact.

Hi there,

I would love to, but I'm using commercial plugins for the camera (ProCamera2D) and there for I can't share it. Sorry.

But if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Woah I didn't know, what a thrill :O

I really like the concept and the use of the theme on the game. Although it's a pretty easy game, with some balancing and maybe some pickups for example you can get a very solid experience.

I love this kind of puzzle games, I also got stuck at "Maintain" but the rest of the challenges are pretty awesome.

Woah, thanks for showcasing the game in your video, much appreciate it!

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As I said in the rate comment section, I really loved your game. The idea is fantastic and the implementation is super polished. Very good job!

I really love the concept and how you managed to make a very polished game with a very cool mechanic. It's impressive and you should be proud. Congratz.

Sorry, I meant that the bombs DIDN'T exploded other bombs D: I mean, I want they to XD

The song in the game is from that website x')

A bit chaotic for my taste, it's so fast that sometime I have no time to react to the flying hammers. But the idea is super cool and very well implemented :)

I played your game and it's VERY HARD TO CONTROL, but I suppose it's intended. Pretty fun to play, I just missed that the bombs exploded other bombs...

Hahaha I was looking for some CC Synthwave song and this was the only I found, I have to speak with a musician friend to make something unique for the game xD

Yeah, I would love to make the game a little longer, I made a very simple tool to make the levels and that made me run out of time during the jam ^^u

The mobile version would be really easy to do and it fits the game, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for playing!

I don't really need the ratings or the comments, I simply want people to play the game. It's very short and browser playable, so it won't steal you much time.

Thanks :)

Don't worry guys, the rating here is not the important, you made a game in 48 hours and whatever the result, that is fucking impressive.

Nice approach to the two stick shooter. Very nicely juiced. It's challenging and fun to play.

My game has a few sprites, but I've tried to maintain a good aesthetic using a limited palette.

Here's mine, the controls are pretty much the same as Flappy Bird, using the space/mouse/touch to go up and releasing it to go down.

I love the idea, but I feel like the controls would improve if the direction were relative to the mouse and not the cannon ball... Because you can click anywhere on the screen and sometimes the mouse is too far from the ball that you have no time to direct it correctly.

Besides that, the game and the design of the puzzles is very nice.

Lmao, thank you very much, maybe you are overreacting, but thanks! xD

Thanks! I've been thinking to make it procedural, but I like the idea of making levels with different challenges...

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Very good game!

The juice you got with that minimalistic graphics is pretty damn good, the feeling when you shoot, and its bounce over the enemies is really fantastic.

Tha only think I think you can improve from the game without adding things is the score screen, it feels empty, like rushed. But it's nothing important.

Hi there,

My game is VERY SHORT so you can play it for sure without taking time to other games :)

I hope you like it :)

I'm going to play yours now :D

Simple game, but very challenging. 

Very nice concept. At first I thought the goal was to get rid of the "swarm" as fast as posible, but then I realised I have to maintain them alive. Very nice camera and gameplay in general, good job.

Yeah, my game uses only one button to go forward (and not pressing it to go backward). A flappybird kinda input.

¡Muchas gracias! :D

Hi there!

It would be nice to see a preview of the shape when creating one, not only the bounding box, maybe with a dotted line or something like that.


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Hi everyone!

Spritedow has been used in some games and I want to show them to everyone! You've made a game with Spritedow? Tell me! I'll add it to the list :)

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Agatha Knife
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A Platformer for Ants
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Rampage of Technology
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Wrath of Cuteulhu
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Nice concept, I like how the enemies moves when you hit them, the physics-based movement is really fun. It's a bit hard tho, but enjoyable :)

Ah, the last stage, the one I'm proudest :)

Thank you for your feedback!

I wanted to add a tutorial or something to explain the bombs behaviours, but the lack of time hit me with that :(

I'm going to check the conditions on the stage 7 and the 360 gamepad :)

Thank you very much for the video and the good words!! 

The game has been very well received, so I probably make more levels and add some new mechanics.

Thanks again :)