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The last thing you can try is turn on hardware acceleration in your browser, if that doesnt work that I have no clue. Thank you so much for trying out and helping me try to find a fix

Yeah sorry about that im trying to get rid of a nasty bug that is affecting players with low fps so I thought I could squeeze some fps back, I'll turn it back on

I uploaded a windows build, this might maybe fix it

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I manged to replicated it by getting my fps below 60 so i feel like it has something to do with fps, i think if you download it and resize it to a small window it could maybe run otherwise i might try exporting a windows build and upload it seperatly

My pc is pretty powerful so i dont think its a case of it working on only low fps. 

Sadly I can't cause the jam disabled uploading files :(

It works fine on my pc so I cant even replicate it myself. Im wondering if downloading the would help since it could improve perfomance

If you have it could you try downloading it through the itch io launcher to see if it would work? 

Could you try downloading it through the itch io launcher to see if it would work? 

big thanks!


loved it! awesome aesthetic and gameplay!

Oh wow that's a great time. Really impressive that you managed to shave off so much to get sub 50! 

I have currently started work on a full version of the game! It will take a while to make however. Glad you're enjoying the game!

Awesome game, you took one of the mechanics from Portal and expanded on it in a new and interesting way. The music also sounds like it would fit right into Portal 2! Really cool game.

Thank you! This game was made in Construct 3.

:O that's a really good time, great job! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Very nice game with nice puzzles.  I got stuck on this part though I had no clue what to do.

Nice and simple game. Collisions are a bit buggy but thats about it.

Really nice game, love the visuals the player sprite is really well done.

Cool game and concept, I thought it was a bit tricky as there were a lot of enemies on the screen and you need to find the right gun quickly.

Ok this is the coolest game I've played in the jam. Great Work. I got stuck on the cannon id bit tho.

Nice game! Only thing is I wish the blocks that killed you were more visible.

Very nice game, the leaderboard is a great addition.  I think the movement feels a little too fast though its a bit hard to control. There was a bug where you could get out of the map aswell, something you might wanna look into. Got a highscore of 5243 (first place on the leaderboard).

happened around here (probably when the game puts you to the next spot) my os windows 10 (not sure how i got past it just worked in the second or third restart)

That was really good, the shooting and aiming down sights is on point and the inventory system is really nice and easy to use. Only thing is theres a bug where the game crashes when you walk through the tunnel so I had to restart a couple times to get past it.

Very nice game, the using your shotgun to go through walls actually proves to be quite useful.

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Damn a multiplayer game in 72 hours thats impressive.  Was really fun to test with everyone from the discord. The infinite jump was pretty fun as well.

Really nice game, bit difficult though but thats it.

Nice game, needs some sort of checkpoints so you dont start from the beginning when you die and some screenshake to juice it up.

Thank you! The background is just the error boxes copied and pasted on a big picture and repeated by the itch settings. Glad to hear the page looks good I was wondering about that.

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Really cool mechanic, wasn't really a fan of the camera zooming in that much mainly because I kinda didnt understands why it was doing it. Nice game.

Construct 3 here aswell, dont know how to properly code yet but I wanted to make some games. Also im very comfortable with construct so its a obvious choice for game jams.

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Very nice and juicy game! Great work!

Nice game but I found it very confusing on how to control the player.

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Nice and fun game! Maybe you could collect the spheres instead and have a sound play? Could maybe make it more fun.

That was hilarious, great game! I now know luigis dick size...

Really good concept!! I want to see more levels :D!