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pretty funny game, really poses very philosophical questions to the player and makes them think about life.

heres mine, made with zero artistic skills

my game:

adherence to the theme 10/5 stars, really cool idea. one flaw i saw was that the houses felt a bit useless as i just used the cinema to raise happiness but thats about it. 

cool game! unfortunately i have no friends to play this with so i couldn't get the full experience. i think you should make sure to make the the direction of where you are about to go more clearer as it was a bit hard to see.

really fun, definitely one of the best entries in the jam. the only problem i had with it was the minus circles as they were a bit hard to use 

cool idea but i felt like the flipper had no power which made it really hard to keep away from the lava

thanks for playing, I wanted to include a black border around the whole game but I wasn't sure how to do it. also the game in full screen was laggy for me but I'm not sure if that's just my pc so I might try turn that on again.

very cool idea with the yo yo! its so versatile that you can do a lot of things with it. the only problem i had was that the yo yo was a bit finicky and sometimes went through things without pressing right click.

thats part of the challenge! :D you can go one way only once

thanks for the feedback! yeah i definitely should have made the tutorial bit clearer 

thanks for playing! I'm considering making some sort of improved version or sequel with better tutorials and improved mechanics maybe but im still not sure. I definitely should have explained the mechanics a bit clearer though, like how for example your gun resets everytime you touch a wall.

that is sick thank you

nice game! bit hard to get used to at first but once you get it its pretty fun. also the leaderboard is a plus


here's mine

such a cool game! love what you did with the animations like with the ball and the different enemies such as the dudes who have shield.

made my game in construct aswell!

thanks for playing all the way through! hope you enjoyed it

nice game! i had a bug where the game sped up sometimes tho (also the game idea is pretty similar which is really cool imo but you executed it better by for example having the trail be made then another trail that kills you follow you after)

Titan souls fits it perfectly. You get one arrow to shoot


i want to be the 69th reviewed game

the levels aren't too hard but the problem is getting to them due to the game setting you to the start lol

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Ok i've spent 30 minutes playing and sadly didn't complete it, the furthest i've went was to the spinning rectangle.

thanks for trying the game out, can you tell what difficulties you had with the first level? 

here's my game can't wait to see what you do with it

I completely neglected making sure my game was playtested, which made the game become pretty difficult.

nice game! its kind of similar to mine as well but yours is executed better

pretty cool game with a funny story

this sounds amazing please do mine

love the idea, however the sliding was hard to do for me. also on one of the levels the game didn't put me through to the next level when i completed it