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Really enjoyable, and amazing work for the time frame! Loved getting the little acheivements as well :)

This was a very calming experience - thoroughly enjoyed the atmophere of this piece! Really caputured the "trusty coffee shop" vibe.

Great game for your first game jam

Simple, but in a good way! Very addictive too.

Very fun concept, and challenging too

Fun little game, really enjoyed this.

Really nice atmosphere and beautiful graphics! Great job.

Great game with a nice mechanic!

Chilly Quest

A 2d platformer where you are a glass of water, adventuring to find ice cubes.

Feedback on anything is appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback. I've had some time to tweak the values for the final build, so hopefully its a bit easier to play.

Update #13

So it turns out I had some time to do a bit of play testing, and as a result I’ve tweaked some of the movement values.

I’ve also added the ability to skip the tutorial levels, particularly level 0-3, as the crouch jump was very difficult to perform, and isn’t really necessary for the rest of the game.

Really liked this, I love the fact that you can customise the play area!

A Platformer about a glass of water searching for ice cubes.

Here's a link to my submission

Update #12

Finished! I've uploaded my game now, so I would be really grateful if you would check it out.

Devlog  = Complete

Update #11

I've now designed 9 levels, plus a few tutorial levels, and I think that is suitable for the scope of the jam, given the deadline only days away. I am going to make another attempt at making some music.

Update #10

Been working on adding some transitions between the "worlds", which just need a couple of tweaks, then I will aim to create another 5-ish levels for it by the end of the jam.

Update #9

Just a little update - I've created 6 levels so far (two "worlds"), and I think I might work on adding some music tommorrow!

Thank you! I’ll try and put a couple of challenges in there.

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Update #8

I've managed to iron out most of my issues with storing and instaniating my levels, coins, etc. - so I'm going to design some actual levels before I do anything else (so I have at least a few levels by the deadline). This should hopefully be very streamlined, as I have already created all (or most of) of the assets I need, so I should just need to tweak the movement values. After this, I just need to add a start, pause screen and the like, before working on music if there is any time left.

Update #7

Another little progress update - I have (kind of) implemented a level manager to load level prefabs from a queue, and I am just trying to sort out instansiating the coins at the right places. Spikes and respawning have been fully implemented now.

Update #6

I've added some more animations, and I have begun work on the sounds.

I plan on adding in some more obstacles (i.e. spikes and falling platforms) in the coming days, then I will be able to design some levels.

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Update #5

Another gif! I thought it would be fun to have a little glass of water searching for ice cubes as my game. Just added some rudementary animations, I plan on spending a bit of time over the weekend working on the sprites. I also tweaked the scale, and I can't decide which I prefer - I will probably stick to the smaller scale as I can fit more complex levels on screen.

Thanks, I was testing out a few palettes , and this one seemed the nicest.

Update #4

I (mostly) finalised the movement code, save for a few value tweaks that will come later.

Here is a little gif demonstrating the movement so far. (btw, the lines are just the collision points, I forgot to hide them for recording the gif)

Update #3

I have now added the wall jump, and have started work on my tileset for the game. I need to tweak the values for my various "special abilities", but I think that will come after some of the levels have been designed.

I have tried using rule tiles, to help streamline the process of creating levels, but I have been experiencing severe performance issuse using them if there are more than a couple of platforms on screen, so I think I'll just do it manually for the time being.

The discord has been a big help today - they managed to sort out my collision detection issues I was having with my tiles.

Thank you for the kind wishes! The colors are just notes for each item (e.g purple is a fix, blue is a "possible addition", orange is something which might be difficult to implement, etc.) - just so I can keep track of what may be more or less work really.

Update #2

I have added separate in-air drag to allow for more air control, and have also added/fixed my long jump, which allows you to jump futher from a crouch position.

Next job is to add a wall jump, then i can get on with the graphics.

My current vision for my game is a platformer set in an icy cave. I plan on using a pixel art style, taking inspiration from Celeste.

I've only had time to work on the movement as of yet, but I've created a basic to do list for my plans.

I look forward to working on this project in the coming weeks. My goal is to complete a full game, with a range of levels. I want to finish this project, even if I run out of time during the Jam.

I like this game, but I find it a bit difficult personally, as I could never get to my bullet without taking damage.

Here’s mine, a Short Text Adventure about the end of the world - jolly, I know.

I’ll play yours when I get home this evening!

Glad you enjoyed! I thought I’d try and use the theme to approach a concept, rather than using it literally, like only one control, or something along those lines.

Here’s mine, a Short Text Adventure about the end of the world - jolly, I know.

A short text adventure about the end of the world - jolly, I know.

A short text adventure about the end of the world. Jolly, I know.

Woow thats really cool!

Thanks, Glad you enjoyed! <3

My submission - a little text adventure about the end of the world.

Going to play yours now.

Here's mine, a short text adventure about the end of the world!