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This game has pretty good graphics and reminds me of the "motherload" game. The controls are a bit difficult and when I accessed the menu I had no way of returning to the game except for exiting and running it again.  Digging works well but its sometimes difficult to tell what things are and what is going on with the interface.

I like this game demo. The graphics are simple but nice and work well for the game. The score is a bit confusing and there's no penalty for missing a ball but the gameplay itself is good with simple and intuitive controls.

I think this is pretty good but maybe you should make the explosions a bit smaller for challenge?
I like that you made a web version of it. Does it run better on the actual console?
On the windows version it says I'm missing an api-ms-win-core-rtlsupport-l1-2-0.dll file

Its more of a tech demo, you can press left and right in the options to switch squirtguns but it doesn't do anything, its just a sort of a sample of features which will be useful for more active gameplay in later versions

This is pretty well made in that the movements are just right. The camera is handled pretty well.
The controls are intuitive and the explanation at start is good.

The boss after the drop is difficult to figure out however. I didn't know what to do there.

I really like this game ,the music captured me in a good way when I started playing.
The surroundings look good ,Tracy looks good and its fun to pick up things and throw them in the pot.

Can the present be opened and if so how? I'd like to see things like eggs
and have different tastes for things like salty ,spicy ,sweet ,sour or bitter.

I really like what I've seen so far of this game.
The keyboard controls should be made clearer ,like about eating apples with Q.
Also when exiting I had to keyboard shortcut to close it.

I just fixed the soft reset bugs.

Thanks for the feedback Sinoc. I didn't implement collision for shooting the bubbles yet because it didn't work properly.

The random noise is probably a hardware specific bug.
I'm not sure why soft reset skips the title screen reset from gameplay or why the soaker disappears from title screen reset.
The frame is reset to get out of the jump frame.
Water rectangle getting stuck in the rock might be a hardware bug.
Controller test has a known bug in that the test graphics randomly don't appear. Its one of the things I broke when fixing the controller test screen for real hardware.
Slow motion function is outside the scope of the game (I didn't know about it). I'm curious why that happens though.
Preloading / afterimages are my known bugs I'm looking into fixing. I put in fades and the menu text disappears. Its been tricky for me to find a fix.

Thank you VampireDev. Yes its a very early demo ,I've only been working on it for about a month.
I made all the graphics in Paint and used Gimp to index the palettes.

I was in a bit of a rush to release a playable demo for this demo day but I'll go over the code after this to make it work better.

Sinoc: There was an issue with the fades in SGDK which has only been fixed in the last few days that might have had something to do with it. I'm still learning how the video display works so I might also be making a few mistakes with it when it comes to real hardware. But at least the game did run on real hardware so that's a plus. I will keep working on it to see if I can fix it so that it works more properly on real hardware. I didn't put any music or sound effects in yet ,but I have some in the making. I've put music on a rom with SGDK before so I know that works but I have to look into it more before releasing.

The sideways exits are not too obvious might be a good idea to fix the graphics
Sounds when text is entering is a bit loud/gets a bit much after a while
Its not too obvious that the maker npc can heal the character without character dieing

Other than that I think its a great game from what I've seen so far.