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This is excellent, but it would be preferable to be able to return to the level (make a pause or save the state of the level when returning from menu? Saving would be a nice feature
Would be great to add more elements, maybe add some new mirrors that are not movable and still have some that are movable, more types of enemies/obstacles and differently colored/themed levels

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Interesting looking game
The gitlab link is broken
Got an email or steam you're willing to share?

Edit: Sorry, it did not even occur to me to think that doesn't have any way to private message other devs

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The button sensitivity/response is too much. You should maybe tell the player somewhere to avoid hitting the red walls. The game also froze up on me first time I played (I think I hit the wrong button)
Also, this game shouldn't need an installer..

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This is pretty good, controls are well explained and the arrow works for holding off the waves
It might be good to indicate better that the top lifebar is for the trophy thing in the center

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I'd like to ask that question too. Is anyone good enough to get 120 in score on my game?

I'm playing one shot in the chamber, going to see if I can increase my score with it

Here's my game;

And here's a game I like to showcase;

There's still a lot of games which should be in the top 100 but aren't
(I don't even mean my game)

Pretty challenging bug hunt

This game is a bit like golf, trying to strike it just right in as few hits as possible
Pretty nice gameplay, using only one button like some other games in the jam

My game is also pretty retro but more dynamic and challenging;

I like this game, but moving around is a bit awkward (as in slow and jumpy)
I rated it

Space invaders meets breakout, I like this game, its pretty nice and fun
I rated it

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I had issues with getting my game working in the browser, I tried but kept getting errors
That and how simple and difficult it is might have played a part in why it seems less popular
among most modern players. This is the game I made for this jam;

Here's mine if you have time to stream it;

Keyboard controller and mouse in that combination is kinda new to me.
I kept running the platform into asteroids by accident.

Combination of running using the keyboard while steering the platform in that way is pretty difficult, especially at first, so there's a definite learning experience with this. Pretty original in my experience.

My game is really challenging, here's a new gameplay animation;

This is a pretty fun tank game, I got a strong Advance Wars wibe from this one

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I'm aware of the red bad dot bug with them getting through, but they can often be
deflected if the shields are moving. This is a kinda simple game, but its very challenging.

Not all unity games seem to trigger the graphics processor fan but this one does
That said, the gameplay is pretty neat, defence gameplay with spin like my game,
but different.

This is neat *gpu fan noises*
I gave it good rating

I rated the The Adventures of The Jelly Knight
I think my game is kinda underrated;

Red dot, blue dot, green dot
Feels a bit like a shooter with paper, rock, scissors

I started working on a game called Catgirl Pool Party in 2016, I picked up the project again this summer
and thought about maybe making some minigames for it at some point. I recently looked up some
game making communities online and found out about this jam through Tigsource.

I decided to use one of the minigame ideas I had and entered this jam with it.
Basing it off Polybius, an urban legend which a friend showed me at some point.
At first I wasn't sure what kinda gameplay it should have. It should be similar to Polybius
but different enough to be its own game. So I came up with a simple idea and sketched it out;

I think it turned out pretty well, considering its the first game I've finished and put online and
my first actual game jam. Some friends helped with parts of the code, like with the red (bad) dots.

*suddenly a key above head*
Arise chicken, arise!

This is a kinda tricky puzzle game, the board moved slow which was a bit frustrating but it works.

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I really like this game, it looks good and handles well,
this must be the most top rated game I've seen so far
*adds yet another rating to it*

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This is very challenging, but I like how it handles and the pixel graphics are nice.
Those hearts look very similar to some hearts I made for my other game.
Like barret232hxc said, I didn't know the spear could be charged up at first.

This game has very nordic feel to it, the name looks kinda Icelandic. I like the design.

Yes. Maybe its just my mouse, it has sometimes had issues.

This game is pretty challenging. Retrieving the shot is a bit slow,
considering how quickly the red dots close in.

Pretty good. Seems like each sword only works on one opponent, which gets a bit annoying.
I forgot about the dash, maybe because I never used one in that kinda game before

This is a fun game but *can't hear the rest because loud fan noises*
I rated it 5/5

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Here's my game;
I gave the No Exit game a good rating (my mouse is kinda bad)

I finished it *gray screen*

This game is one of the best I've played in this jam