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Photoss DD31View game page

Laser-based dungeon digger
Submitted by Dominas (@dominas64) — 6 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
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This is excellent, but it would be preferable to be able to return to the level (make a pause or save the state of the level when returning from menu? Saving would be a nice feature
Would be great to add more elements, maybe add some new mirrors that are not movable and still have some that are movable, more types of enemies/obstacles and differently colored/themed levels


Hey, thank you! In this prototype I'm experimenting with laser mechanics and I wanted to see how the game plays with hex grid instead of square. So far I'm pretty happy with it and your response seconds that. Things you have listed would definitely come to a full game.


The gameplay is pretty good.

The light puzzles were fun


Really neat emergent puzzling.

The hexes work really well.

Executing plans can be very fiddly and frustratingly timing-dependent. Maybe let the player lock a mirror so it doesn’t get pushed around by lasers and bugs? Perhaps even just one at a time. It’d help cut down on the tedium a lot, I think.

Laser sfx gets really grating after a minute or two.


Thanks for playing!

I keep thinking to myself that for now I should make mirrors stay in place just because there is little opportunity to set them up in a way that you, as a player, would benefit from their movement on hit. There are also those moments where you feel like "eehh I shouldn't have let that beam dig further".

Noted annoying sounds.


Well, setting up a mirror so it gets pushed and eventually burns a bug nest is probably the most satisfying thing in the game, so I dunno about removing it entirely. It’s just that you end up fighting against the mechanic more often than not.


Ah, yes, forgot about that

Developer (1 edit)

Similar to previous DD version. Main differences:
- Grid is now hexes instead of squares. I'm experimenting with freedom of direction that comes with hexes
- Movement is now tank-like, because it's hard to make absolute directions clear on a hex with keyboard. Thanks to anon who suggested this
- Movement is expressed in linear sliding instead of teleportation in hopes to make movement feel better
- Enemies don't chase you. They also slowly endlessly spawn