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Nice good. Thought maybe the ghost would show that quick when player is near the screen  border

Love and painting color art design and it sounds quite juicy. Thought it would be more polished if adding more juicy sound related to painting and other things. 

Here's our local multiplayer game with suggested acquirement:

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It's a  hard-core two-player game  for GMTK2019 game jam, theme "Only one", which is designed and assembled in 36 hours by mmmmHeee and Jack12xl

our game's Link:

In our game setting each player has  only one single eye(non-perspective) so literally you  could not perceive the Depth.

But we could feel the distance from other hints.

A game featuring two cyclopias duel. Shoot your opponent with bullets. And deflect the bullet with your katana. 

The bullets could only be reflected in a certain distance.

From the comments we have received, it's quite challenging to decide the right moment to reflect but still fun to play.

Hope for more ratings and feedback  and feel free to leave your links here!

Wow is that the icon of eclipse :p

Impressive to achieve this in just two days!

It was impressive to make this game just in two days even with 7 men.

I love the grandma character designed and the game would be great if the bugs could be fixed.

I love the control menu design. Thought it would be better if phantom could incline to be instantiated in a wider range. Since it could be hard to suddenly appear behind the player.

I love the shard design. But sometimes I could get the shard back if it were thrown on stab.

Thanks for feedback! Actually we tweak a lot on balancing between challenging and playability and finally it turns out a bit hard-core for a freshman. But if you pay attention to the sound and after a bit practice you could even catch the right time with all of your eyes closed :p

please give my game  a try :p

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Our character ( or capsule more precisely ) in our game is not that cute but cool :p

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A two-player dueling game featuring player only having one eye. So player could not see the depth but have to bounce off the incoming bullets.

Player needs to figure out the right moment to successfully bounce back the bullet  by estimating their distance 

The reason why I made this is because in our computer vision lab sometimes input could only be RGB instead of RGBD(depth). We thought  what would it be if  people lose the Depth information. It would be cool to make this a game. 

We spent quite some time in implementing the basic logic, adding more feature like hints of distance, and tweaking the numerical number for better playability and challenge. And finally, here we go

Expect ratings and comments for further improvement !

A two-player game that features you only having one eye. So basically you can not feel the depth but you need to shoot and bounce the incoming bullets.

Try to find the clue and estimate the depth information yourself with only one single eye!

We made a two-player game called Cyclopia featuring shooting  with only one eye. Literally with one single eye you could not perceive the depth. But you can estimate the distance of the bullet from other hints to bounce off back your opponent like Genji.

Game made in 3D model but has only 2D effect since in this game you only have one eye (orthogonal view)

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A two-player game featured players with only one eye. Need to shoot and bounce off the bullet