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Check out our local multiplayer game: Cyclopia !

A topic by Jack12xl created Aug 10, 2019 Views: 61
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It's a  hard-core two-player game  for GMTK2019 game jam, theme "Only one", which is designed and assembled in 36 hours by mmmmHeee and Jack12xl

our game's Link:

In our game setting each player has  only one single eye(non-perspective) so literally you  could not perceive the Depth.

But we could feel the distance from other hints.

A game featuring two cyclopias duel. Shoot your opponent with bullets. And deflect the bullet with your katana. 

The bullets could only be reflected in a certain distance.

From the comments we have received, it's quite challenging to decide the right moment to reflect but still fun to play.

Hope for more ratings and feedback  and feel free to leave your links here!