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Thank you so much for this :)

Just like real life. I'd like to see the full version :)

Yes, sorry about that. I don't want to update the project after the submission period has been closed.

The controls are in the website though. 

Thank you for the review :)

This was something else.

If I recall correctly, it was the second or the third one.

Thank you so much for your review!!

You are in 2nd place on high score ranking. Highest score I received is around 8-9k

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Makes sense, as the songs are fairly known :P

There was one I didn't know though. I got it right anyways XD

Damn, I lost

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Love the ending

I would add more rating to theme if you listened to the song you have to remember during "the night"

I don't understand what it's happening

My eyes... are bleeding TT-TT

I can get the idea behind it, but the game is not working at all, sorry.