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Our game is about a one handed guy that has to send a morse code message. You can only do one thing at the same time, send message, or read your manual.

Tip: R restarts the game

Please doodle our game.

I don't even care about the rating!

I loved the mechanic of your game, very original!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


Boring thursdays right?

Check this one please:


Please try our game, be our 40 rate :D

I just rated yours, it's a funny one for sure.

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Thank you so much!

Consider your game rated!

Edit: so, I had rate your game already, and I gave it  good grades :P

Ooooh yeah please make fan art of our game:

I don't even care if you rate it, I want to see what you make of it.

There yo go bro:

Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it.

So many things we wanted to do, yet no time to do them in 48h :P

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! :D

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Oh I'm so glad I saw this post!

I LOVE Godot Engine.

Hands down my favourite engine, is just so good, and the updates are always something I look forward to, because they usually solve issues I found with it.

If you read this and you haven't tried it, go right now and try it. Now it has C# support, I think. I use gdscript.

Really, really happy with it. Have I mentioned it's free? And that's a great price!!!

Oh, with the excitement I almost forgot:

There's an explanation for that.

First of all, thanks for playing it. The character from the game has only one arm, which we tried to translate into the game by allowing you to use only the telegraph or look at the guide.

We made a poor job of conveying that to the player. I'm glad you liked it anyways.

Thank you so much for playing.

It makes me really happy to read you, man. The game was made by a team of four by the way, they all did an awesome job.

I will check it as soon as I can. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing!

Damn, I wanna be awesome

There's details in the description explaining how to play the game, we couldn't make it more clear on time!

Thanks for playing it!

There's a few ideas we had, but couldn't make it into the game.

Showing what you've written so far.

Playing a sound when a character has been input.

As you say, adding a limit to the length.

In any case, it comes down to being more explicit about it. 

Thank you for your feedback and for playing the game!

Best game I tried so far!

We love your message too hahaha

Thanks for playing!

lol you suck! (don't we all suck?)

You should have seen my first try :D

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you very much for trying! I will rate your game too.

You got me when I saw C'thulhu on it.

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Great concept!

I liked it!

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If you want, check ours:


I will try the games posted here today, after work.

I would appreciate if you tell some story about the making of the game, or why you made it X way.

In our case, we started with the idea of making a rhythm game using one button, and after a while the idea was making a morse rhythm game. We ended up dropping the rhythm part,  and here we are! We had fun making it, so we hope you enjoy it!

Oh, it's a shame to hear that.

We tried to teach you that on the main screen.

Thanks for playing, it makes us happy :D

Definitely. I (programmer) have learnt morse during the development of the game.

Hopefully not, but in case you ever need it, remember: ... --- ...

Thanks for playing!

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Our game, "1Minute" has several (ironically) only one elements, with better or worse execution.

The original premise for our project was to use one button and make a rhythm game with it. In the end after brainstorming we ended up making a game where you type using a telegraph.

The character is alone on his room. He has one arm. He has a telegraph and a morse code manual, but can only use one at a time. The color palette is centered around one tone. The music you hear while playing is designed around one note and uses only C for the melody. The premise is kinda based on WW1, but we opted for using an aseptic war, with ni real bands or anything.

Ah, also, you have to send one message and have one minute to do it. If you do so, you stop a chemical bomb from being dropped on your country.

Thank you so much for this :)

Just like real life. I'd like to see the full version :)

Yes, sorry about that. I don't want to update the project after the submission period has been closed.

The controls are in the website though. 

Thank you for the review :)

This was something else.

If I recall correctly, it was the second or the third one.

Thank you so much for your review!!

You are in 2nd place on high score ranking. Highest score I received is around 8-9k

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Makes sense, as the songs are fairly known :P

There was one I didn't know though. I got it right anyways XD

Damn, I lost

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Love the ending

I would add more rating to theme if you listened to the song you have to remember during "the night"

I don't understand what it's happening

My eyes... are bleeding TT-TT

I can get the idea behind it, but the game is not working at all, sorry.