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thank you!!

thanks for the compliment!! (We can't take too much credit though, we owe a lot to the asset creators!!!)

I'll add your game to the list :)

thanks for the feedback. Everyone has saif the same thing about that key ahaha on a British keyboard its right next to LShift. In future we'll change it to LCtrl on E

Sorry about the camera we should have let the user invert it

I'll add your game to my list

Thanks for the feedback! I totally understand the issue you had, I know for a fact that when we continue this project we're going to structure how it teaches you the mechanics a lot better :) 

I'll put your game on the list!

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to attack you get near an enemy (facing them) and hold LT or LShift then press RT or RMOUSE to throw a little guy.  You can only attack when holding a little guy.

I'll put your game on the list :)

thanks for the feedback! Yes we're getting a lot of issue surrounding the position of the '\'. On British keyboards its right next to the left shift key (we didn't know there was a difference). The controller issue is very odd as we've been playing with controllers the entire time and never experienced that (possibly a sensitivity issue). The mouse problem is something that was just unfortunately not considered by us as we never tested with mouse and keyboard. And finally of course we would loved to have made a better responding system we just didn't have time in the end :)

Oh and the mouse being inverted is a subjective thing, we tackled with it and people have different opinions of it. The solution to that would be a real menu system where it could be changed.

Luckily the guards in the castle are the last enemy! (We ran out of time ahahaha)

That was really fun! Loved the platforming aspect! 


Hi, just started playing the game, can I have some tips on how to progress? there's a big white block that I can't run through. I know you can change to the white wolf by pressing R but wasn't sure what to do from there

Looks really impressive though, great job! :)

Sorry! on british keyboards '\' is literally right next to left shift! I had no idea that keyboards were different! Thanks for the nice comments tho I'll check out your game now!

THANK YOU! Hope you enjoy it, did you submit to the jam as well?

Hiya I'm kind of an artist, I fit under the 'can do art' category. I do sound, music and programming too, so I'm still trying to find what I'm best at. I'll link a few things I've uploaded to piskel for you to see and let me know :)

I understand if you're looking for someone with more experience as I've only ever completed one game ahahaha!

After playing this game for 10-15 minutes I managed to come 4th a few time and 2nd once! I love that the AI does you no favours! It's like playing a real battle royal game. The addition of the sword is genius and its really easy to play (but hard to win aka PERFECT FOR ADDICTION) one of the best games I've played so far! I think the map should be a litttlllleee bigger, not a lot, just enough that you dont die in the first second sometimes :) AMAZING game though and I won't start on the art because we'll be here all day!

Everything was great about this game, I played through most of the levels just because I was interested in what it would throw at me next. Really solid entry and a great tile based board game idea!

Really clean game, the mechanics work well from the auto pick up to the combos. If you were giving a week on this I know you could add some mad stuff like combo bonuses and all kinds of fun things. Really great game overall well done :)

thanks for the comment! Yeah I didnt use 'LateUpdate' for the background movement creating the parallax effect so it jumps a lot (little oversight)

As the title suggests, please post your games here for me to play through tomorrow and of course RATE

If you could also play/rate mine too that would be lovely :)

Thank you for the compliment on the song (I am proud of it) and I felt the jump was a little weird when its fast too, maybe a higher jump

Thanks so much for the feedback! The low battery start was my feeble attempt at following the theme as an 'only one' second of battery per battery collected

I figured it out after a couple tries :) its not too hard to work out

Thank you!!! the camera zooming out as you get faster was something I decided I NEEDED in this game ahahaha it took ages to figure out

it was supposed to be the battery life, each battery give you 'only one' extra second

This is super coooooll!!! love it!

little colour changing robot fella

I love the addition of secrets!!!

No not at :) at least I dont think so it seemed pretty clean

Very cool game, felt like a final boss fight from mario galaxy or something (HUGE compliment)

With a bit more polish this could be a good game. Well done!

Love the look and the animation is as clean as any game produced over a week by a whole team. Really enjoy the feel as well 

Really solid start to a fun game. I like the way you put a spin on the theme

Love it's simplicity!

Yeah! I like your game its like fancy rock paper scissors crossed with magic the gathering

I get that a lot when I make stuff in processing too ahahahah no one makes a game from scratch in java nowadays lets be honest

Love the idea of this topic! Love the art too!

I really like my character sprites I think hes so CUTE

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You did this in processing?!?! SWEET so you took 'from scratch' very seriously then hhahahah its a very interesting take on chess well done

I like the feel of this game would be awesome to see it explored further

the idea was you only have one second but that evolved into each battery giving you an extra second ahahaha

I haven't seen any other games use this idea, very clever :)

out of all of the 'switch button' type games the controls for this one worked the best.

THIS IS SO GOOOOOOD and on top of that its BEAUTIFUL!