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I'm currently looking for someone to help out with the visual aspect of my project - mainly UI and some animations (nothing special).

You don't need any experience, contact me on discord if interested -  Syzo#1859

Great concept! Could be a fun little game for mobile.

Good luck!


Would you rate our game too?

Hey! Give us some love -

Really liked the gameplay and the art! 

Great job, one of my favourites!

Thank you for the compliments!

Spoiler: The goal is to figure it out yourself but you're supposed to find the Patient Zero, also known as the one that spreads the disease, and trap him, saving as many souls as possible in the process. This means that you should try to trap only the Patient Zero which is rather hard because you have to find him first, and it is difficult to be correct on your first try.

The Patient Zero is the only one, in this case, that spreads it. How you find him is up to you to discover, it has been answered already in other comments.

Thanks for playing.

10/10 best game


We would love your feedback!

So satisfying to pull the arrow haha

Good job and best of luck!

Cool idea! The level design is also well made since it doesn't start super easy or super hard and gradually increases the difficulty.

I managed to turn on two lights in the first level, I don't know if that was intentional?

Overall very good! Best of luck with the jam

Can you give us your feedback aswell?

Can we have some feedback aswell?


Thank you for the sincere comments! Your assumptions are mostly correct and perhaps it would be better if we had given another clue towards the Patient Zero (Spoiler: He is the only one spreading the disease and doesn't develop the symptoms). That is a difficult thing to balance cause if it becomes instantly obvious who is the patient zero, then the game loses replay value.

Regarding the theme of the gamejam, most of the characters are equal to each other and the goal is to find the only one who is different, but not in an obvious way, thus becoming a puzzle.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, it is really appreciated! While we agree that the text at the beginning may be hard to read, we disagree with you regarding the luck. Players have achieved a 99 score, the maximum possible.

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