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Sweet, thanks :)

thanks for playing : if by clearer controls you mean you tried to use A/D/W with a qwerty keyboard, there was a mixup and those actually don't work (it's Q/D/Z which is meant for AZERTY users). Sorry for the mixup, at least the arrows still work.

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how are they wrong ? what didn't work ? which control set are you using ?

Ok I'm assuming you are a QWERTY user and tried to use A/D/W. And those won't work because the control keys are tied to the actual letters, not the position on the keyboard (like our teammate who wrote the page assumed), and we are azerty users (plus we mostly use pads). Well, the arrows still work fortunatly (and A/D/W but it's pretty bad for a QWERTY user). Sorry for the mixup and thanks for warning us.

Clever twist on pathfinding and execution. Being able to see the body is useful. Gotta be careful with Brian.

Thanks for playing !

Thanks. Yeah we had a few more ideas (if you have a pad you can try recording some X's) but we chose to invest more time in testing/ QoL changes (we were careful as we did not have a person full-time on art this time around).

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Woah, thanks a lot for playing and for the nice feedback ! Glad someone enjoyed it enough to finish the game ! As for the reveal, it started as a joke but actually helped design the levels (gave us a starting point, a constraint to breed creativity). The downside (as you have noticed) is that the difficulty curve is not that linear ^^.

Pretty sweet idea. A bit tough to switch the keys around, but I liked the concept.

I don't usually like platformers, but this one is simple and progressive enough to make me want to go through the whole game. Thanks :)

Cool stuff here. I quite like the slowing down period when you correctly dodge a bull.

Funky take on the genre. It isn't too difficult apart from the bottom-left and top-right corner, but it is fun to just see where the ball takes the player. Cheers :)

I downloaded the game and am quite interested in playing it, but I'm fairly jump-scare averse, so I was wondering whether you included some in your game (making sure so I can try and finish it with a relative peace of mind :) )


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We toyed with the idea. Initially dead robots left bodies behind but we removed it Saturday as it took too much design space away :

  • It made boxes redundant
  • you could cheese most levels by stacking bodies
  • dead bodies would clutter the levels reeeeal fast, potentially softlocking the game.

as for having puzzles that needed two robots, we felt the game was hard enough and went with no interaction between them so you you plan/launch your next attempt while the last one is miserably failing ^^.

There still is the possibility of needing to hav 2 robots performs concurrent actions (one pushing buttons while another goes through doors) but that would require incredible timing (it did happen a couple time by accident in testing). Maybe future levels ?

Thanks a lot for playing !

I enjoyed the combination between the angle of movement and the angle of lasers :)

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The music was added very late, I should have made it loop, but when you rewind the sun you have a good chance for another music to play (random among 3). 

Thanks for the feedback anyway :)

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I feel so stupid not to have thought of it ! Of course making the enemy and player blink when they are touched would make the game way more understandable... 

Thanks for the feedback! We'll add it soon :)

This game is a success ! It's fun and all the spells are interesting.

It could use a little more chalenge after the first few waves, once your tower is wells build on a single line you can pass 20 waves with no gameplay...

Nice little game. The physic is not perfect, but it work and there is a lot off work in the level design.

The second spell is realy bad... still a fun little game.

There seems to be no game linked ?

Realy good game. I think you have to add some sort of "reset a room" mechanic since when you die the room stay in place and it's easy to soft lock yourself...

would love to test again the game with just that feature added.

Great graphisms, a good experience (hard to use the word game ^^)

This game is haaaaard ! But still very fun. Could be more diversified... but still a good base for a good game.

Super game, fun and realy good looking. You could add some time limitation for each enemy to make it more chalenging... but still a realy cool game.

Great game, maybe add a few more line (like in plant VS zombi) to make the game more chalenging...

One of the enemy was invulnerable... not sure it was intentional... the game is still fun.

Whis game is fun !
Could use some variations in the enemy/powers, but this was hard in jsute one WE. 

I think the game would be bettre if you could let the mouse's button pressed for shooting.

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Nice job, I was sad it ended so fast... that's a really good sign !

Realy nice game, I think more obstacles would make this even more fun.

Nice principe, you may add interactions with the last spell used by the enemy to make the game more chalenging...

That game is terrifying...   I gess that was the point so... good job !

Nice game,  

I think since you aim with the mouse, it would be cool to shoot with the mouse's button.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!

Yeah, inertia on platforms was/is a problem. We fixed it a bit on sunday to make it playable, but it obviously isn't perfect yet.

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1) death trigger was originally quickly implemented as a test on whether position.y was lower than some constant (like, -10). However in one of the scenes the level was moved around a bit and was entirely below that constant, so... yeah, we had to change that quickly ^^

2) again with death triggers, I didn't have the time/didn't want to look how to restart/re create the player object/relink it to the camera and so on, so death is actually just a Teleport of the player to the last checkpoint. This can be seen whenever there are moving platforms around, as they don't reset.

Also not a hack per se, but since this was our first time using unity (we only had a few hours of xp with it watching a couple of online tutorials) we lost quite some time with functions that where not performing as advertised in the documentation, becouse those functions where meant for 3D games and we had to use the 2D variant... After loosing like 1.5 hours on one of those and 30 minutes to another, I put up a sign on the desk in big letters : "DOESN'T WORK ? TRY ADDING 2D AT THE END OF THE FUNCTION!"

our first unity game, with only a couple of hours of experience with unity before the jam (moving away from GMS2 because web export was too expensive) We are quite happy with how it turned out.

it's a simple (but sometimes tough) plateformer with only one button (left mouse) and only one something else You'll have to play a few seconds to discover :)

Thanks for playing and for the kind words! Agreed, the wall jumps are pretty hard (and we had the level designer tone them down, some of them where twice as long in the beginning ^^")

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Thanks for playing our game !

Adding an indicator to show where you jump would be a good idea ! We might add it if we decide to polish the game a bit.

For momentum I agree it's hard to keep it, but it is possible. Momentum is killed if your jump is in a direction opposite your momentum. Otherwise wall-jumping would be impossible (you'd crash into the second wall). The problem might be that opposite here means at an angle >90°, so it's pretty unforgiving. Perhaps with a bit more leeway (say 100 or 110°) it'd be easier.

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Thanks for playing our game! (and reaching the end, no less!)

Making an ending was top one on our to do list... but we had no experience whatsoever on Unity, and everything was taking ages... so the ending of the jam came before the ending of the game   :(

We hope it did not compromise your experience.