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The lore is realy fun and well writen. The level design is a bit poor, but with more time it could become a fun game. Would play 2.0 :)

The idea is realy creative. The presentation is great. I had a board game like this where one player had to make a connect 4 (of any color) and the other wins if no connect 4 is done at the end of the game.

Maybe some additional constraints would be great since the game is realy easy to beat.

The game is fun to play, but the role-swap is realy just estetic. Still a nice job. 

The idea is great. You have to move the gost with indirect direction, this is a super idea. The realisation is a bit sloppy, but 48h is a short amount of time.

Nice puzzle game. Not sure if it's a choice or a bug, but the player is killed if it's bloc is part of a match 3, the time limite is enough I think ?

Simple game well made. It's a bit to easy I think, and the cool music is'nt on loop, but that's minor problems.

Cool puzzle game, all 10 lvl are fun. Chill ambiance. Will recommand :)

Enjoyed it until the end.

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The game is hard but well balance. I just think getting killed by the scroling due to the character being slow in slope isn't perfect.

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Was septical at first, but after finishing it I'm sad there aren't more lvl... nice take on the theme.

I love this graphic style. A bit more control on restock would be nice... the game was still fun to play :)

The main mechanic is realy fun. 
Not sure what most item do... attack ?

Could became a realy fun game with a more precise goal.

Great game, the tag "Human durability" made me laugh ^^
Realy enjoyable. 

I understand the idea, just from france with an azerty keyboad that was hard :)     still enjoyed it yes. 

I like this king of graphisms. The music is nice, but should'nt it be in relation to the notes played ?

Realy nice game. The theme, the graphism... it's all good :)

I would have spend a lot of time on this game in my childhood on nokia.  :)

Lots of ideas. Cool concept. Could use some polish here and there, but in the time it's a good game. 

Cool puzzle platformer. I liked the theme. The controls are a bit hard to handle, not sure if the mouse was a good idée...

Nice little concept, some of Billy's shot are so short they can't be catch... I think he should change sport...

The graphics are realy cool. I think the level design deserve a bit of work, lots of waiting and I got stucked in a cuve...

The game is well polish and fun to play. The fact you have to be sure to survive is a great twist of the genre.

Thanks a lot ! One of our team spend sunday mostly just creating levels, and he's good at it ^^

Unfortunately, the itch fullscreen button isn't working well here (game is the same size at the top of the screen black everywhere else), and adding the unity one would require a new build to be uploaded (which is a no during voting)

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Thanks a lot !

One of our team (the actual viri whose account i'm using to answer) is pretty good with creating puzzles, and devoted most of sunday to just creating levels. Using scripts in during edition with [ExecuteInEditMode] helped make level creation a lot faster and less fastidious (the in-game drag & drop also works in editor mode, allowing for easy set-up of the monsters, for example).

Thanks a lot !

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Thanks a lot for playing ! 

There are 20 levels :)

and if you do decide to come back to it, might I suggest reading the text below the game...until the very end ?

I liked the concept, but it's some time hard to know when to hit the key, the "H" in particular, I'm not sure when I'm supposed to press it...  

The dialogs are fun :)

Nice, clean design, both on the gameplay and aesthetics. Level design for this must be very hard, I'm guessing that's why most level aren't very challenging.

a (possibly insane) friend of ours got a 191...

Thanks. 41 is not Bad, glad you enjoyed it 😀

Add some music ? That's crazy, it would attract more wolfs !!!

Post your high score ! So far one on our team got a 107 !

Agreed, but we did not have much on hand that matched the theme of the game, and unity scaling issues costed us a bit of time in the end stretch. (plus I strongly dislike games with music without a mute button personnaly (imj), even if my teammate disagrees).
Glad you liked it !

Great game, ths lvl are very well designed. 

Nice game, I've seen multiples takes on this idea in this jam but your are the first who made asymetric lvls. It's way better that way.

Thx for the comment. The game is a bit hard right now, and we'll be adding more carriages after the jam. We also have other ideas to make things more interesting !

The record is still at 286 with the live version.

Thx for the comment.

The music is not perfect, we had to use one from a previous game jam since our music guy was not available.

Thanks for the comment.

We are adding strips to the green passenger/station to help colorblind differentiate them from the red ones.

The game may be a bit hard, we are adding some wagons to help. The record is still at 286 with the live version.

Ok, that makes sence, I was testing with just 2 players so it was unclear :)

Nice arcade game,   a score système would be nice. The last lvl is a bit weird, what was the point of a lvl were nothing can happen and then send the layers to the menu ?

Could play it with friends with a little more polish :)