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Hi Prophet, sorry for that, it's an old project. I've updated it into 2021.3.15f1 could you try again? Let me know!

Generative art pipes by Guillem Serra ( here you'll find a link to a github repository, the project is open sourced, and it is essentially the same algorithm as in WFCorberó :)

(2 years later...) Hi there, did you end up using it in a game?

(sorry, 2 years late) I also thought about something like that actually. Then the idea started to be too complex to develop and got a different path. 

I know, 2 years late... Didn't see the comment. Thank you!!

hey man, 2 years late but thanks for the valuable feedback. I actually improved the UI in my next game: Wave Function Collapse Editor by Guillem Serra (

The light is actually right with the character at start, that's why in your video you see the light that gets closer to the camera. Okay then, I told you the controls because I didn't see you using them in the video. Thanks man and good luck to you too!

Hi Niven, thanks for playing my game! In the video I noticed you didn't use the mechanic of the light. You need to press LMB to recover and throw the sphere of light. That's why the game is so dark, so that you may only see the obstacles through that mechanic.

thanks a lot! Unfortunately I'm not working on this anymore, I'm not planning to add more features in the future

Eiii moltíssimes gràcies!!

Awesome, thank you Jupiter!


Thank you very much, Gui! I will try to let you know when it’s ready.

Awesome. I'll totally consider your feedback. Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much for your words Valeriy, they mean so much to me after all the work i've put into these jam days. Of course it could be a better game, as always, and with the time (or lack of it) being a huge constrain. If you would like to suggest ideas to convey the theme of the game more through AV elements and so make a better game,  I'd genuinely love to read them! Huge thanks.

Full of juice, awesome work!

The graphics and atmosphere are amazing! It gets monotonous though, at lacks progressive difficulty, but good job!.

Thank you Neil, checking your game right now!

Thank you so much D5R, couldn't expect less from someone with a name so similar to "LSR". Just kidding. I'll definitely update the controls, although accidentally killing yourself I believe is part of the joy of it, not a "design" problem. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes! With more sticks you can control a larger area "with only one laser" but more enemies should come. So yes that's the idea. Of course, I will consider changing the controls given all the problems the actual ones are giving ! Thank you very much for playing the game and your feedback.

I believe you can answer that through testing, and given that everybody thinks there's a problem with controls, maybe it would be a good idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much! Checking your game right now.

Thanks a lot Julien! Did my best.

Here's mine! Thank you for playing!

Here's my solo-developed little game!

Awesome design, as well as juicy and addictive.

Oh that's actually an interesting idea! But maybe it would complicate things even more unnecesarily... I wanted to go full minimalist, because I didn't have much time, but maybe just putting the score would be good. Idk, we'll see! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I'll have to make a decision after the jam... To leave or not to leave the controls as they are... Also, there's a bug when you finish the first level... Be advised and thank you!

AWEEEESOME! It made me laugh so much, thank you for that!

I'm totally doing that after the jam! Tanks for your feedback!

I need to iterate more on the controls, thank you!

Great retro style! An objective could be good, and maybe some progress, like resources to build or something like that.

I actually think the main joy in the game is to have to go yourself and change the sticks, and then having to get back fast and click the button! It's this kind of enjoyable frustration... Maybe it's just me.  Anyways, thanks again for sharing your opinion!

I've just played your game and I think it's a really great idea, very addicting!

Here's mine! Comment and I will try yours!

Yup, I agree on that... Didn't have more time for the tutorial... Would it have been better with a tutorial or the problem is the actual mechanics? Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome idea and execution! Excellent work.

Thank you very very much! Checking your game right now.

Oh and of course I don't mind ;)

This turned out to be very addicting! As you may know the art could be better, but as for the game design is great! Good job.

I'm really glad you like it! I'll try to iterate and make the mechanics more intuitive, will see...

"LASER" As the minimalistic title of my game suggests.