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I really liked this, it was very warm <3 you built the scene so well!

Ahhhhh thank you so much, fun, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! That means a lot to me <3

Yea, unfortunately, the Apotheosister fight is really just a curse when it comes to bugs... I've been trying to hunt down that particular bug for a long time with no luck. Sorry about that ;-; I think it is just something that happens when you swap extremely fast...

I am so glad you enjoyed that part of the story, too - it's such a common thread in relationships between people, and I really wanted to explore it!! It came from the heart, and I'm pretty proud that it seems to have worked out well, hehe. Thank you again so much for playing ~

Awww JEEZ  i'm blushing, thank you Mochi!! <3 hehehe I am glad you like the characters so much, they were incredibly fun to write ~ I am getting a knack for writing flirting, hehe... thank you for playing and for the kind words!!

This was an extremely fun to play danmaku roguelike. This is the most "bullet hell" of all the survivors-type games I've played, but already being a Touhou fan, it was like returning home ~

 I *really* love the design of the upgrade system - it's really easy to understand, but right away you're tempted to optimize each placement and upgrade... The spells are all fun, and coming up with good spell/trigger setups is great too.

Even more than that, I love that there's clearly *so* much love for Touhou in this game, from Patchy's spells being organized by the week, to including Cirno's "Perfect Freeze", to the rocketship. I love it. Thanks for the fun game <3

Thanks, Unity :D yea, I hope more folks get a chance to check it out!

Hehe, I'm glad you liked it, thank you! It would be fun to expand it someday, with more dogs and levels and maybe a cat :3c

The imagery here is incredibly gorgeous and sad; you expressed so much with very little.

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hehe, regarding steam, I can't make promises but I'll say "soon, and hopefully sooner than you expect!"

Honestly, I was really prepared to port Bossgame to a gamepad! While I was designing the mobile version, I would often test it with an XBox controller (and occasionally keyboard) to see how it felt, and it works well! The left & right side design maps very easily to a controller - by default, Sophie (left) is controlled by the DPad, and Anna (right) is controlled by the face buttons. Similar to the mobile version, the gamepad will take a minute to get used to, but after that it should start to feel natural pretty quickly. IMO, the keyboard is a little less natural, but it still feels good to play.

The biggest challenge I've faced so far was writing the button remapping code! I've never written button mapping for my games, and I didn't need to do it for phones, but now there's just a lot to take into account. Plus, I am working with an input library that unfortunately threw me for a loop. I've got it working now, but it took longer than I would've liked, and it was not a fun part of the project... Hopefully I can avoid that problem in future games since I've solved it once!

Thanks for your question :D

Ahh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I had fun trying to design a combat system that felt fun & easy to understand, with lots of small hidden depths. Thank you for your kind words!

Ahhh, hi there!! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it ✨ it was great having you all as boothmates!

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Thanks so much for playing, I'm really glad you had a great time!!

And yea, I'm happy to recommend some! Some of my favorites the past few years have been:

  • Gun Rounds (action arcade game about a gunslinger, great for playing just a few minutes)
  • Magic Survival (strangely forlorn action game, it was the inspiration for Vampire Survivors!)
  • Golf on Mars (relaxing and stress-free golf minigame)
  • Reigns: Her Majesty (guide a kingdom to wealth or ruin with your decisions, die a lot, try again - funny writing)
  • Slice & Dice (one of the single best roguelike dungeon crawls I've played)
  • Isle of Arrows (a simple but satisfying arcade Tower Defense game)
  • Mystic Messenger (dating sim /  visual novel detective mystery that takes place in real time)

I wrote up a post about some faves a while back, if you want some more details:

Unfortunately, I don't know many other mobile games with a strong focus on  story; if people know of any I'd love to hear about them too!

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Omeghost is one of my favorites too 💜 And yes, I love watching speedruns, and tried to keep speedrunning in mind while designing. There's already been some cool boss rush speedruns that have been a blast to watch!

Ahhhhh, thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

I have been thinking about starting a community discord server at some point, but there isn't one yet - so thank you for letting me know you're interested! If I start an official one I will make an announcement update here :)

This really made me smile!! Thank you so much again for streaming the game <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it :D thank you so much for playing!

Ahhhh, that means the world to me, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

Shoot! No, I haven't received any reports like that so far, but I'll look into it. If you don't mind, would you let me know what model phone you have? A screenshot would be helpful, too - either here, or via email at Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, I'm glad!

I definitely got some art inspiration from Undertale, but it's a bit more fast-paced :D

i eat two gold-encrusted pizzas every week and i refuse to change my lifestyle so i have to charge

Hahaha, times are tough... Like, really tough :P

Ahahaha, I'm glad I hit the mark!!

Is it your heart, or my heart? I won't spoil anything :)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! And I'm glad the options were helpful :)

Ahhhh, I kind of love that description :D Thank you for playing!!

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you're enjoying it!! Good luck, I hope you beat the boss soon <3

Ahh, yay :D Thank you so much, I had a lot of fun on the show!

Thank you <3

Thank you so much :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it!! I'll do my best to keep making exciting games!

Ahhh, thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you liked it! They are very good dogs :D

Ahhh, thank you so much! <3 <3

I just made it to floor 112 on Cursed mode, with 23 curses... incredible game and it works so well on mobile, thanks for making something so cool!!

Thanks! I'm sorry for the inconvenience - you're right, those features need to be there. I will try to update the game with them when I have the chance.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind if I expand on this in the future, especially the overly-long stages.

Hmm, that is weird! My guess is most likely you defeated the boss at the same time your dog was ko'd.

Thank you so much, I'm glad I could bring you a smile :D

Thank you for the tip on the bug! There's a chance I'll go back and soup up this game into something bigger in the future, and I'll have to tackle as many of these issues as I can.

I'm really glad you liked the game <3 And Doge Saga looks really cool! I missed Swap In The Middle but I was around on RMN at the time, and I remember thinking it was really cool idea for an event, and it looks like some cool stuff came out of it :D

thanks for putting this together!!

Yea!! Go wild, I'm excited to see how it turns out :D

If anyone wants to adapt Dogs Throwing Swords II into another medium, they are more than welcome to go wild with it! Whatever you make, I'll make it a part of the official Dogs Throwing Swords canon :3

If you bought the Racial Justice or Palestinian Aid bundle, you already own it! You can find it here:

I could totally see a card or board game about assembling a custom team of dogs to fight bats and ghosts and stuff?

I don't know if I'll be able to join the jam myself, but best luck to everyone involved! Have fun :)

(Also, l will double check with my artist but I'm sure adapting Time Skippy would be totally fine, too!)