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Thanks so much for playing, I'm really glad you had a great time!!

And yea, I'm happy to recommend some! Some of my favorites the past few years have been:

  • Gun Rounds (action arcade game about a gunslinger, great for playing just a few minutes)
  • Magic Survival (strangely forlorn action game, it was the inspiration for Vampire Survivors!)
  • Golf on Mars (relaxing and stress-free golf minigame)
  • Reigns: Her Majesty (guide a kingdom to wealth or ruin with your decisions, die a lot, try again - funny writing)
  • Slice & Dice (one of the single best roguelike dungeon crawls I've played)
  • Isle of Arrows (a simple but satisfying arcade Tower Defense game)
  • Mystic Messenger (dating sim /  visual novel detective mystery that takes place in real time)

I wrote up a post about some faves a while back, if you want some more details:

Unfortunately, I don't know many other mobile games with a strong focus on  story; if people know of any I'd love to hear about them too!


Thanks a lot for the recs :) I bought Golf on Mars and Slide & Dice based on your suggestions, and I'm SO invested in the latter! I recommended it to several friends who I know are into this kind of games :) I'll look into the others as well (especially interested in Mystic Messenger).