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Whenever Britney finally gives me the rights to her songs :'( 

I you weren't not able... so if you were able?

Thank you for your kind comment! :) We'll definitely look into it. 

Thanks for the feedback! We'll get to that fourth level glitch.

It's not clear in the game, but you can just press "L" on the keyboard to reload the level. 

Contente que tu aies apprécié!

Ma réaction suite à ma première partie sur discord:

When you'll deserve it!

Aww, you're pure and fun <3

Thanks again for pointing out an error! :)
I'll see what I can do about this one, but the project seems completely broken on my computer, no idea why :(

Hmm yes, petting the dogs should always be mandatory in games that feature them. 

...Plus the way you suggest we implement it really works with the design in place, so that's great!

Thanks for the feedback! We did the game in 2 days, and I wasn't able to fix that (I think there's no workaround with it, and I should use Raycasts to detect collisions proprely). 

I like this one, so I'll most probably get back to it at some point and fix that nasty bug :)

Having graphics and juicing it up would definitely help making the  experience more enjoyable! I might look into that in the future :)

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Wow, thanks a lot for recording that and sharing it with me! I'll share it with my teammates :D

It was done in 3 weeks for a school project, so we did not get any time to do any playtesting (other than playing it ourselves), so it's very nice to see someone else play it! It's very instructive too :) 

If you want, I worked on another game about love. I recommend reading the instructions below, but you do what you want:
Thanks again :D This really makes my day!

"please start dating some new people so you can make an expansion "
I mean, if it's for the sake of game dev, I might as well!

Thank you! Means a lot to me!