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Really cool take on Sokoban! Thanks :)

You're welcome :) Thanks for playing!

I love golf games mixed with other genre! This was such an incredible game, thank you

Interesting take on sokoban! I just wish the difficulty curve wasn't that steep- I had to look at a playthrough to get past level 2, and I felt like mechanics could have been broken down more before getting to that level.

Still, solid idea, can't wait to see what other games you have in store :)

Love it! Thanks for making this game :)

C'était une de mes nombreuses inspirations :) Mon but était justement de parodier ce genre de twist!

Why indeed

Oh I didn't know that game! Looked it up, yeah it's the same spirit haha

Cool little puzzle game about polyamory that effectively gets the point(s) across. Thank you for making this game :)

That was a nice game :) The pacing was a bit uneven, but it was a short and sweet experience.

I'm glad I was able to kiss all the cuties 8)

That's beautiful and I love it

So does the game change every week? Does that mean previous iterations are not available anymore?

Cool take on bullet hells!

Yeah I thought after a few handshakes that there was nothing more to this game, and almost missed on the rest of the game (I was amused enough by "collecting" new guys and trying to form a long conga line, but I can easily see how several people would abandon).

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This was a hilarious game, made even funnier with my poor drawing skills. I think the idea of centering a narrative game around things the player creates has a lot of potential and should be explored in more games.

Thank you for bringing such a weird concept to life :)

Really loved my time with this game! Thank you for making weird stuff :)

Sadly, many people don't read the store's description, and even with that, they can be quite vitriolic towards an incomplete game (or a game that stays indefinitely in early access), regardless of the explanations. 

Génial! Merci pour ce jeu <3

Thank youuuu! Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I'm working on a fix (it was either that or something else that broke lol).

Anyway, it only lets you share to my favorite platform (Twitter). I can notify you when it's up lol.

Rightly so! It's because it's an adaptation in Unity of a PuzzleScript prototype I did:

Ah je me souviens quand t'as présenté ce jeu à Flop! Vraiment cool :D (C'est moi qui modérait la soirée).
J'aurais un autre événement à te parler où tu pourrais présenter ton jeu si tu veux :) Tu peux me contacter sur Twitter @RafikiDev

Thank you! This comment really warms my heart <3 

Cool! Thanks for playing, Mati :)

That looks like a pretty cool tool! I make experimental games, and this is my kind of jam.

If it's easy enough to pickup, I might actually organize a workshop about it in my local game dev community :) 

I'm definitely gonna look into that. I didn't know of that option and always knew that in this state, this would be an issue (as well as people using the arrows). In the meantime, you can just stop yourself from using it (I don't have PowerPoint on my PC anymore :P). 

Whenever Britney finally gives me the rights to her songs :'( 

I you weren't not able... so if you were able?

Thank you for your kind comment! :) We'll definitely look into it. 

Thanks for the feedback! We'll get to that fourth level glitch.

It's not clear in the game, but you can just press "L" on the keyboard to reload the level. 

Contente que tu aies apprécié!

Ma réaction suite à ma première partie sur discord:

When you'll deserve it!

Aww, you're pure and fun <3

Thanks again for pointing out an error! :)
I'll see what I can do about this one, but the project seems completely broken on my computer, no idea why :(

Hmm yes, petting the dogs should always be mandatory in games that feature them. 

...Plus the way you suggest we implement it really works with the design in place, so that's great!

Thanks for the feedback! We did the game in 2 days, and I wasn't able to fix that (I think there's no workaround with it, and I should use Raycasts to detect collisions proprely). 

I like this one, so I'll most probably get back to it at some point and fix that nasty bug :)

Having graphics and juicing it up would definitely help making the  experience more enjoyable! I might look into that in the future :)

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Wow, thanks a lot for recording that and sharing it with me! I'll share it with my teammates :D

It was done in 3 weeks for a school project, so we did not get any time to do any playtesting (other than playing it ourselves), so it's very nice to see someone else play it! It's very instructive too :) 

If you want, I worked on another game about love. I recommend reading the instructions below, but you do what you want:
Thanks again :D This really makes my day!