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The answer is in my devlog, which I haven't translated to English yet, but try to play the game and not press anything after the tutorial :) 

Thanks a lot for the recs :) I bought Golf on Mars and Slide & Dice based on your suggestions, and I'm SO invested in the latter! I recommended it to several friends who I know are into this kind of games :) I'll look into the others as well (especially interested in Mystic Messenger).

I just finished this game :) I was really invested in it both for the story and the fights :D Thanks a lot for making it <3

If you (or anyone reading) have recommendations for other great android games, I'll happily take them :)

Thanks! I'm so glad you engaged with this series of game :)

Only one way to know I guess!

C'est bien possible! C'est Erwan qui a écrit le code du jeu :) 

Je vais y réfléchir pour après le défi :)

Laissé à la discrétion du joueur (ça fait aussi partie du jeu) :)

Just pure html! I believe anything other than this would be overkill :) Why?

Happy for you I guess? :P


Bah y'a toutes les instructions à l'écran :) Tu peux déterminer toi-même si tu gagnes ou pas; quelle interaction est-ce que je pourrais implémenter?

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Hein! Pourquoi les gens diraient ça! À la limite, je les verrais peut-être dire que c'est pas un jeu :P 

I understand the motivation behind that decision and in most cases I think it makes for cool emergent gameplay.

It did make some levels unfinishable after one tiles type change - this problem was very prominent in the last level. I don't know what the solution to that is; maybe you're right and making it so you don't know in advance the next tile is not the solution and would go too much against the idea of the game, but then another solution has to be considered. Maybe it was just that some levels needed a bit more playtesting and would need some other level design or another set of tiles? Idk.

It really was a problem in my experience in the game and it needed fixing. Do with that feedback what you will :)

If I'm not mistaken, it's only shown once you jumped / moved to another tile. So my point stands that you can't anticipate it.

At first, I thought the next tile type was simply the one to the right of the type at the top of the screen, but no, it's attributed randomly every time.

I was able to beat the game tho just now :)

Overall pretty fun game. The concept is interesting, and the art really looks amazing! Great job.

I'm not a fan of the tile types being attributed at random, as it made the level progression quite uneven for me (some levels were made way too easy or hard that way).

I made it all the way to the last level, that I can't beat. I think it would be more approachable / interesting if we knew what the next tile type would be, as sometimes I jump on a tile and realize too late that I made the level unfinishable because of that (on top of trying to avoid enemies and all). 

The answer is in the title screen (and expanded upon in the memes) :)

You're welcome :) Thanks to *you* for playing it!

No specific reason :) I rarely think about audio when making games, that is all

Really cool take on Sokoban! Thanks :)

You're welcome :) Thanks for playing!

I love golf games mixed with other genre! This was such an incredible game, thank you

Interesting take on sokoban! I just wish the difficulty curve wasn't that steep- I had to look at a playthrough to get past level 2, and I felt like mechanics could have been broken down more before getting to that level.

Still, solid idea, can't wait to see what other games you have in store :)

Love it! Thanks for making this game :)

C'était une de mes nombreuses inspirations :) Mon but était justement de parodier ce genre de twist!

Why indeed

Oh I didn't know that game! Looked it up, yeah it's the same spirit haha

That's beautiful and I love it

So does the game change every week? Does that mean previous iterations are not available anymore?

Cool take on bullet hells!

Yeah I thought after a few handshakes that there was nothing more to this game, and almost missed on the rest of the game (I was amused enough by "collecting" new guys and trying to form a long conga line, but I can easily see how several people would abandon).

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This was a hilarious game, made even funnier with my poor drawing skills. I think the idea of centering a narrative game around things the player creates has a lot of potential and should be explored in more games.

Thank you for bringing such a weird concept to life :)

Really loved my time with this game! Thank you for making weird stuff :)

Sadly, many people don't read the store's description, and even with that, they can be quite vitriolic towards an incomplete game (or a game that stays indefinitely in early access), regardless of the explanations. 

Génial! Merci pour ce jeu <3

Thank youuuu! Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I'm working on a fix (it was either that or something else that broke lol).

Anyway, it only lets you share to my favorite platform (Twitter). I can notify you when it's up lol.