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Great job on the jam dewd! THe concept and visuals were great, and loved how the music kicks in after a short period of time. I got stuck on the walls many times and the spawn speed ramps up too fast. Other than those small bugs, solid foundation- keep it up

Appreciate the kind words MuazX

I was planning to start doing Youtube at the end of this month- you read my mind :D
Anything in particular you'd like to see? 

yyz is for gamemaker studio 2
I'll post a 1.4 version this week for ya

Thanks Serrano, Im pretty sure you can manipulate the tilesets by setting tilemaps in a create event. And then draw those tilemaps on a separate surface & manipulating it like that! 

Thanks man!

Rated! Good luck man

Awesome man, rated just now! 

Will take a look! 

Hello itch community!
Our team made this fast paced card game based on the premise of using "Only One" card action at a time. You must survive as long as possible, managing your cards, deck size, and health to get the highest score possible. 

Ratings end in 4 hours- would really appreciate feedback + ratings! Thanks- gl hf :D

Would like to rate games with under 20 ratings! Share your gameplay gifs as well- lets end on a strong note :D 

Appreciate feedback for my team's game as well- totally optional:

That's what we were going for! Thanks man :D

and standing still :D 

Sorry about that! I'll write up more detailed rules & controls on the page right now haha and appreciate the kind words :D 

Hahah Thanks man! Yea it's a tough & fast game  And we probably should expand upon ( not sure when though ) 

Thank you! 

Thanks for the heads up! 

oh snap! I've been following him for awhile- will  give him a shoutout :D 

you are happy then bc I had fun! :D cheers

The UI and presentation was very clean & clear. Gameplay didn't have much depth but the systems all worked together to create that suspense in horror games! The slight chromatic aberration and even the sketchy, moving texts/backgrounds added to the overall vibe- outstanding job on those details.
Keep on jammin guys, good stuff! :D 

Loved the one torch idea and the execution of the mechanic was spot on! The  UI displayed the goals clearly, visuals were juicy, and nothing felt too unbalanced.  Overall an amazing job Salman- lf to your future jams! :D 

means alot man :o Your visuals were wayyy better than mine haha Had so much fun bouncing those bullets & the small details like the flashing score made a world of difference. Keep up the inspiring work man

Appreciate it mate! This game felt rly nostalgic & was simple but solid. Keep up the jamming man (: 

Had a blast w/this one bullet shooter! The visuals were a plus :D 

Great minds think alike ;) Had to give you an extra bias because our games action mechanics were spot on haha The visuals worked so well w/the gameplay- overall loved this man. 

Hell yea * highfive*  I had such a blast playing your game! Wish there were more levels haha & thanks! 

Rated! Had fun with this haha :D 

Damn great graphics and effects. The gameplay flowed smoothly from start to finish! One of the few games I finished from start to finish- outstanding job man! 

Reminds me of that one ds game that had a bunch of min-games! Solid adherence to the theme w/the controls. Great job man 

Really love the eerie vibe from this! 

damn I'm a sucker for flashy visuals- outstanding job! The gameplay was fun and original. Overall, you knocked this one out the park! 

Agreed w/the other comments- this is one of the best feeling one bullet games. The idea wasn't as original but you executed it very well! Great job man 

LOL I'd give 5/5 stars if you had to smash an Apple computer ahha Love the humor in this and was fun swinging the hammer around. 

This game  play reminds me of some of my favorite flashgames back in the day haha. Love the sketchy art-style and that fire! Good job man :) 

Great job on the juice- the design was not as original but you nailed the gameplay aspect of this! It was genuinely fun playing this game. keep up the great work man

I agree w/one of the comments regarding  the Camera being too far. Besides that, this was a neat little dungeon crawler. Had a blast playing through the mazes- great job! 

Damn you knocked this one out the park. Love the design for this & appreciate the art style! 

Ohh Had a great time playing this one! The lights played beautifully with the vibe & matched the gameplay spot on. Looking forward to any updates you do! 

Enjoyed the game alot! The design and art was spot on.. Hope to see this fleshed out more in a future version :D

Really enjoyed the levels Case! The sfx and subtle animation details added so much  to the overall experience. I also loved the small name generator on the top right haha 

(The HTML5 did not work for me ) It was enjoyable playing through the levels w/this minimalist mechanic! well done