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Glad you enjoy it! 

cool stuff man! Lovin the sparks and the overall colors 
I think if you made the other text ( numbers, health, stage, and settings cog ) more dynamic, the game will feel more inline with the energy you're presenting.Nonetheless, this is solid Alex (: 

Thank you Alex ! 
Let me know if there's anything you'd critique & keep up the good work yourself! Lovely projects you have :D 

Got it Thomas!
Can't thank you enough for these points- I'm a bit of a messy fellow so staying organized & neat was tough haha!

So I'll make sure to apply these changes very soon:
-It doesn't make sense for the debug buttons to be in the same object. All debug controls in a separate object.
-Uncessessary scripts should be removed
-Scripts should have a consistent letter case

A random note: The PRE Object will always be there in my projects to initialize fonts, window-sizes, controls, global particles, etc once.
It makes initializing that data through separate ( ini ) files much easier. 

Again, thank you Thomas for your kind & constructive words. Happy coding mate !

Would love some feedback on my pages- I'm a bit stumped on what to add for the backgrounds ( in my profile and asset pages ).

Any other constructive criticism is much appreciated (^:

Hello fellow devs~

Here's a neat Camera tool for you Gamemaker Studio 2 users! 

Import into your projects to visualize Camera data. Very useful for debugging your games & prototypes. 

It condenses complex Camera data into a set of copy-pasteable code. No more headaches! :D

More details in the store page down below:

There are free assets available as well

Yo great to hear!  Never stop learning !(:

Oh gosh Thank you for pointing that out Hadley!(:  Will be fixing it  today

I'll be updating this asset very soon & uploading it on the GMS market place for easier importing ~

Thank you for the play through! And great sense of humor guys- enjoyed the video :D 
We'll be working hard for a full release! 

Appreciate the play through on stream! Had many laughs and not enough strawberry jam haha 
Took note on the platforms and dialogue skippin as well- awesome feedback! 

Loved your approach in conveying metaness with pasta ;D
No game breaking bugs, and solid gameplay overall. Great job! 

As Chase stated previously, I too am really diggin the cover art :D & subscribed! 

You're a wizard Chase!  Chase: I'm.. I'm a waaaahhh?? 

Love how you could jump on 'your' own dead body! Wish that mechanic could have been used more :D Overall great presentation and neat meta dialogue.

Huge fan of tower defense games, and the wave difficulty / progression went really smooth! The clicking to reload ammo was a really nice touch but I found myself just spam clicking it.

Solid job on the jam doood! Cheers~

Great play- Fun colors, music, and dialogue! Though as a noob, I had a bit of trouble on that level where the laser spun around :P
Other than that, great job~

The hookline seems to shoot at a higher angle than where your mouse is. And I think adding a slight delay to the rope shooting out would be a nice touch (:

Other than that, great first infinite runner! Keep it up !

Thanks for playing & the insightful feedback! Exclamation points are fixed and we'll be adding much more polish for a more official release :D 

Yo thanks for playing!! And sorry about that dizzying camera haha+_+"
The bugs shall be squashed, and expect polish updates as well~!

thanks for the post! No fluff, just straight personal opinions & facts ~

And thank you soo much for the donation !

There is a variable that prevents the player from moving when the 'Chat' is active. I remember the name being global.input?
And if it doesn't work, try adding at least 2 Clients~

I recommend you only use it for PC ! It's coded in all native GM:S but I haven't tested it in Mobile.