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I must have missed those animations, my apologies. Will upload them later today!

Yup! Are there any placeholder enemies/animations you'd like to see?

Its not included at the moment but it will be added in the future

Such a cute style, great work!

hmm never used phaser3 so Im not too sure. You can edit the file using Aseprite though 

Yo this is awesome. Are you asking what is the best way to animate blood?

You got it!

Hey Simon, thank you! The paid version has more animations and will include future updates. I plan on creating courses that are tied to these purchases as well.

It is not required by the license but greatly appreciated if you do ! Thank you for asking, hope u enjoy

Let me know if its cool for me to share your game's link on this asset page! Id love for others to see the asset in action

Have a great holiday weekend as well, cheers :) 
If you have a link for your game I'd love share it on the page !

They're good to use for commercial projects! Like most assets, you can't resell or redistribute the assets themselves

Ill update the page to clarify the terms

Happy to hear that it helped, best of luck on the kickstarter! The game looks promising 

Oh sweet!

 Is there anything I can do to make it easier for you or someone else next time?

I recommend getting this if you're looking for the super smash camera specifically:
I have a simple version on another project. Ill have it imported soon!

Hey! I usually adjust the "Export Sprite Sheet" settings to match the animation sheets. I can export them as .gifs and sprite sheets if you'd like as well

No problem man! 
Glad to hear you're enjoying them. Ill keep on adding segments & organize them in a way to make things easier for you all

Thank you! :D 

Thank you for the kind words and for the patience!

A portion of this asset is still in its creation process. Once a majority is complete, Ill have an epic trailer ready

As for the Gamemaker Studio 2 files, Ill focus on those once all the art assets are complete.

the css was the issue- its good now

OH SNAP Ill get that fixed right away, thank you Pira :D And hope you enjoy it! 

Did the second one work? I posted the Aseprite file and sprite sheet for those who dont have Aseprite. Lmk if theres still an issue, thanks! 

Yea I can do that for you! Ill export them as gifs too

no problemo!

Yup ofc! Ill add the license info on the page- thanks for the heads up

Yea no problem. Ill add it on a separate layer once i upload the Aseprite file

Worked on them today- should be done in a few hrs!

Thank you! Im planning to work on these assets this month once Im done with commission work. 

If there's any animation you'd like, let me know!

Oh snap, we had a similar idea w/our jam! ;)
Loved your interpretation of the theme and the gameplay was tough but solid! 

Excellent animations and solid core gameplay loop! Great job guys!

Thank you! Yea it was unfortunate the ending was not there. Hope to add one post jam :D

Boon is the man behind the UI / dialogue magic and Fred with the gorgeous art. Absolutely talented peeps

he cool kid 
Im impressed everytime i see it as well.. so good Fred ;D

I believe one or two gadgets aren't functional because of time restraints. Appreciate the kind words tosh! 

Sup Tahldon! :D Thank you for playing & glad you've enjoyed it!! 

Thank you Colin! We ran out of time to add an ending screen but reaching the finish line means you've won ;) And yes Julia is a bit much at times haha

Hey! I have a new update almost ready for the previous version of GMS but I'll make it 2.3 compatible 

Appreciate the helpful tips Kcfresh, you a real bro!

Great job on the jam dewd! THe concept and visuals were great, and loved how the music kicks in after a short period of time. I got stuck on the walls many times and the spawn speed ramps up too fast. Other than those small bugs, solid foundation- keep it up

Appreciate the kind words MuazX

I was planning to start doing Youtube at the end of this month- you read my mind :D
Anything in particular you'd like to see?