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hi its me again :) since i got to actually play which thank you for the smaller res version, it was great! if you get into it you could have some temporary carpal tunnel  after you stop xD 

thank i'll try it out.

i have been through a lot of slime type of games from this game jam, but i like this sling shot idea. you might have a hit on your hands if you port it to ios or android or both and polish it up some more.

i love it so simple.

i know that you told us that its a prototype.... press the (1) key rightttt..... -_o.  ummm love the look but it's just not playable RN. 

glad you got my reference, if you have time time you should check out our game that my fam did  Orsla. its a robot platformer but you can only use one of his limbs :) patience and time is needed.  

things need to be polished on the jumping. get 2 sprites to use and work on your gravity its.. not good at all. the arrow idea was nice and music was good enough to fit the bill for the game.  i love how your being original in the art side of things.

probably the most polished thing i have played in this jam so far. love everything about this.

the music give me a B.O.B vibe a bit. i was surprised how much the one gauge for all was rather awesome. instead of going guns blazing it forces you to be use on the fly tactics. i will say however that a lot of the enemies where just skip able in some points of the levels.   

ya we are all glad you liked it i enjoyed building the sprites into the level. if you get the chance just make him do a bunch od 360's and wait to see how long b4 he stops being dizzy. ;P

simple fun, Mr Turok would be proud. 

images not rending in place kinda destroyed the experience.

i love it... however. transitions to rooms are not honed in they glitch you in to doorways and walls, is your weapons suppose to be opposite the mouse? the walking sound..... no there was no need. picking up weapons where not showing you had them, if you grabbed a bomb it would never be showing in your inventory. *whew... regardless is was rather fun :) nice job man

I feel like you had this rit 2 go as soon as the game jam started. however that being said i have thoroughly enjoyed this. the theme idea was simple but great in its use. would love tot see more of this title you made.  

being how it was not full screen for me not matter what i did hurts for me cuase i really like this whole concept. 

Dat fog horn. 

fun man nice style.

I'm sorry but i loved the look and atmosphere, however only a tutorial? is that the one idea????