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Regain lost abilities and leave the castle.
Submitted by AriBaa Games (@aribaallc) — 9 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#18692.3872.387

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Lovely graphics! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

cant slice while running or jumping nice art though


Thank you! 

That was a design decision. This isn't an action game, so there was no reason to include that. :) 

Something about the simplicity of this is really great. It played great for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :) 

Considering the "completeness" of many of the other entries I've played, I think you managed to get quite a bit of content in for a Jam level game.  

The theme was "game design".   To me, this hit all the elements.  Good background music, nice sprites, the attack sound on the weapon and the sprite arcs made it feel like a powerful attack.  I could see how if this were extended into a full flegged game, it would be fun to play and it managed to draw me in just with the existing content.


I don't understand where the "only one" thing is in your game. I looks good, but plays terribly. Not to mention it crashed two times on me.


Thank you for playing!

The one thing can be either the fact that you are the only living thing in the castle, or more importantly it referrs to the core mechanic of interaction.  That is really the only thing you do.

"Plays Terrible" is a bit of a vague statement, but I am open to criticism. This was a 2 day effort by just me so the game isn't going to control like castlevania or something. 

As for the crash, I had that happen once to me as well. I used a preview unity build, so I honestly think  that is the issue. There are no crashes in editor. :)  

Again, thanks for playing. 


The character is floaty and slow. The camera is static and it's difficult to see ahead of you. There is no use for the attack besides activating the switches. As for crashes, you have to test the game outside of the editor and let others play. The developer himself is usually a very bad tester.

The art is nice, one of the best artstyles I have seen in this jam so far, but this jam was about gamedesign, not visual art design.


No amount of playtesting can fix a closed source engine bug. :) 

As stated in previous comments, this is not an action game.  The attack served the purpose that I wanted it to. A jam  game is not meant to be a solid, polished, retail game. It is meant to convey and idea or a concept and that is what I did. I did what I did in design to convey an atmosphere and experience. If you do not like it, you are entitled to your opinion.  A difference in opinion is all this boils down to. 

Again, thanks for your feedback and for playing it. I may do a post jam update.


You don't seem to be open to criticism. You make excuses instead of straight up accepting it.

I was never expecing a polished game, but I was expecting a playable game. A game crashing is a no go and it is unacceptable that such a fatal error made it into the release. You can't just ignore that and blame it on the engine. You could have asked your family and friends to play your game and give feedback. If you don't find people online to test your game, ask people you know. It isn't that hard.


I'm totally open to gameplay suggestions, and like I said I will probably do a post jam update.

I'll tell you what, source code is on the game page. You find a fix for your crashing and I will implement it immediately. :) 


Excuse me? Why would I fix bugs of a game I am not invested in for a developer who is too lazy to fix his own bugs? Sorry, but I have to decline this offer.


Well I guess if you aren't interested in helping, you'll have to wait on a "lazy" dev to update his own game. ;)

The pixelart and animation is really great. But you should have spend less time on the art and more and the game-design.

Not being able to use the attack (apart from activating lever) is too bad.

You build something charming, but you should have focused more on the playing part.


I think you somewhat missed the point of the experience. 

The point is to regain these abilities. This isn't an action game. Given more time, I could add some combat, but that really muddies what I was trying to convey. Thanks for playing, and I appreciate your input! 

You're thinking of something like Evoland ?

In that case, indeed I missed the point. Maybe the game should have gone "all in" to the "recover your ability" part. This is kind of drifting away from the theme also.

Jump feels really floaty and is so short. It seems like it could be a fun metroidvania game but I can't tell because there was so little to see. Make more and I will play more. I just want to see the game in a full form and the art seems pretty well done.


Thanks for that! Yes, the jump could be tweaked some. 

As for the length, you often have to cut some things to polish what is there in a jam. Considering this was a one person effort, I think there is a decent amount for the level of polish that is there. I even added a couple of Easter eggs here and there ;) 

I'm sorry but i loved the look and atmosphere, however only a tutorial? is that the one idea???? 


Well, I considered the "only one" aspect of it to be the dialog mechanic. I guess in a way you could call that a tutorial. Obviously this would be expanded upon given more time.