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First gamejam or not, you can't leave an ending message full of typos !

With that out of the way, the game is not bad. Good job doing it.

Oddly fun to play. Not much is going on, but I enjoy increasing my score.

This could be greatly improve by a more complex stage (that you need to quickly navigate to kill other chikens) or some random stage each round (like Stick Fight: The Game)

I also had a few glitch, but considering the time constrain good job !

Block movements is way to fast. This should have been tune down a little.

The idea is neat, so maybe it's not missing much to be a good game.

Really weird to control, but it kind of works.

Unfortunately, there's too much down time to get the hang of the controls. When not hitting the goal, the level should restart faster and without moving my fingers.

Cool idea, I feel like it's not missing much to be a good game.

You're thinking of something like Evoland ?

In that case, indeed I missed the point. Maybe the game should have gone "all in" to the "recover your ability" part. This is kind of drifting away from the theme also.

The pixelart and animation is really great. But you should have spend less time on the art and more and the game-design.

Not being able to use the attack (apart from activating lever) is too bad.

You build something charming, but you should have focused more on the playing part.

I like it. It's really fun to adapt to the randomness of the bullet.Even more bullet type could be really cool (for a gamejam, this is already good).

Having enemies explodes on death is a nice visual touch, but lingering part can make the game hard to read. Also, I regret that moving too fast is not a viable solution (maybe less drag on the inertia or a radar to show incoming enemies could remedy that)

Good job

The idea is nice, make me think of Fidel Dungeon Rescue. A few problem however:

  • The fact of not showing the character moving is frustrating. Maybe having a ghost image showing the expected position could have helped.
  • The character is moving too slowly when doing the combo.
  • When losing, allow the player to retry instead of starting a new room.

In the end, I liked it. It's just missing some detail to remove player frustration.

Brilliant, I love the idea. Make me feel like a speedrunner.

Control is awful and could be more challenging, but great entry !