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Super fun and is really interesting. Keep up the good work

I was unsure if there was more than one level but I love the idea and it could get really creative if you put more pressure on the player and made it so you couldn't just kill every enemy and maybe had to dodge some. I don't know though because I'm not a game designer. What I do know is that this game has some potential and I think this deserves more levels. The world needs more of this interesting idea. Mark better play this.

Can we please get this into a full game. The whole time I played this game I couldn't put it down. The gameplay was amazing, the story made me cry, and I'm not sure why the ending of the game includes a giant space panda bear who eats cheetos but I love it. Can we please get Mark to play this game?

not really well done but an interesting idea and I would love to see you put more time and effort into this. Im not saying the game was bad but I am saying it does seem you were hindered by the short time limit. Please make more cards that make for weird interactions because of the one deck theme, add some art, make cards clearer with the wording, and make this a full game please.

Jump feels really floaty and is so short. It seems like it could be a fun metroidvania game but I can't tell because there was so little to see. Make more and I will play more. I just want to see the game in a full form and the art seems pretty well done.

I would prefer to use up arrow or w to jump instead of spacebar or c because it just feels awkward but overall a pretty good game