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Frustrating, but in the best way

I love how easy it is to understand how this works! You immediately know what to do and what will happen when you do it, which isn't always the case!

I would love to see this expanded into a full game, I really like the style already

I have no idea how this is as engaging as it is. It's so much fun

I love the art for this!

This is so cool! It's such a simple design but the multiplayer element makes it really fun

press r to restart the level

Not sure how to control this? I got wasd to move but I can't figure out what to do with the canons

Really liked the mood. Fun game!

What a great game! The graphics are adorable, the sound design is nice, and the concept is such a great twist on the genre!

Super simple but also fun and challenging. Good job!

Really love this one. It's such a simple concept but it's very fun and tense. The graphics and sound design are super polished as well. Great job!

Something about the simplicity of this is really great. It played great for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really really like this one. I almost forgot to rate it because I kept playing so much 

If you play again it starts you at Day 30, but otherwise I really like this

Fun, but not very original

I really like the aesthetic and the main mechanic is cool, but since it's so hard to aim and move I had trouble feeling like I was doing anything

Really neat. I love the atmosphere it set up. I'd be interested to see something like this in a longer game

I like the idea, but some of the games are over before I can even read the instructions and they can be very hard to control

Really fun game! Sometimes it's hard to grab the items but otherwise everything works super well

I really loved this game

Camera was annoying and I'm not sure it fits the theme

I really like this, but I wish you were given more than one shot with the battery. It's annoying to know how to complete a level, but have to repeat it because you got the angle of a ricochet slightly wrong or because it didn't catch on a conveyor belt

I really like this! It was fun and creative and made challenging puzzles with only a few elements

A single key to cycle through colors would be very helpful, and the insta-death when you mess up isn't great, but otherwise a really cool game concept!

I enjoyed this! It's simple and fun, though I wasn't sure how I was getting booster packs

The mood is amazing, I love it

REALLY cool concept, I'd love to see more

A sweet game

I had a ton of fun with this as someone who loves the aesthetic of metroidvanias who is also has terrible reflexes. I hope you extend it in the future!