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You don't seem to be open to criticism. You make excuses instead of straight up accepting it.

I was never expecing a polished game, but I was expecting a playable game. A game crashing is a no go and it is unacceptable that such a fatal error made it into the release. You can't just ignore that and blame it on the engine. You could have asked your family and friends to play your game and give feedback. If you don't find people online to test your game, ask people you know. It isn't that hard.

I'm totally open to gameplay suggestions, and like I said I will probably do a post jam update.

I'll tell you what, source code is on the game page. You find a fix for your crashing and I will implement it immediately. :) 

Excuse me? Why would I fix bugs of a game I am not invested in for a developer who is too lazy to fix his own bugs? Sorry, but I have to decline this offer.


Well I guess if you aren't interested in helping, you'll have to wait on a "lazy" dev to update his own game. ;)