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Hi! Thanks for playing our game!

Yeah...this is a prototype... no game loop, With no game. 

But you shouldn't pass through the ground...

I am hoping to make it a game in the near future!

I will make an update today or tomorrow to completely fix the void out.


I am doing good. Now that I can sleep.

I am not 100% satisfied with what I've done, but I will sur continue the project.

Nice concept! Just pretty harch to get kick out of the game so easely.

I like the narrative and the hollow rocks :P

Nice little experience!

Hi FuryDev. It has taken a little bit more time to post the Linux build. 

I took the time to add some little features quickly.

I haven't tested the build.


Hi ... MyyNameIsAndrew, thanks you for playing our game!

You can follow me to stay tune for futur updates on the generator!


Bonjour Wyrek, merci de votre commentaire!

Hi Alex! Thanks for playing our game!

There is currently no big threats, but I will for sure continue with the dungeon generator to make something actually fun to play.

There is two other monsters planned... I am just still unsure what I want to do with the DunGen. I might publish it for free on the asset store once finished.


Ace said he use a dynamic Navmesh and applied it to the prefabs.


Pretty ballsy to do a Vr game. Not many people have the equipment.

I do have tested it and nice work!

For the music, at least a sound in background. Nothing much.

I say that... But my game does not have music in game.


I will try to do it during the day.

Meanwhile you could try wine.



Thanks for playing our game!

I made the dungeon generator in 5 days. Many bug with it is due to my poor Probuilder skills and the exits where not exactly centered. Due to that I remove some vertical rooms.

It does have dynamic lightmaps on prefabs (disable in the build, because on "normal" computer, the way I am doing it make them suffers...  Dynamic props placement that is not 100% working, so it is disabled...

The pathfinding was not made by me, but I can ask the other how he done it.

The enemy was added in the last 10 hours. Including the gun and GFX and SFX. It was not supposed to have monster at the beginning...

Also we still don't know what is the goal... In the entire week I haven't set my mind on one style.

If you want I can ping you when I release a new version.

Cheer, Mickplouffe.

Ahah yes! I saw that i was shooting from my face, but still really hard to touch.

Also I was thinking to climb trees to get ammunition... Well clipping through told me it was not the solution!

Nice Reign inspiration! 

A little hard to swipe and hard to survive also.

What have I played... 

I haven'T been able to ... shit anything, but it gave me a good laught!

Good creativity!

The main joke it perfect!

After that the graphics are really nice! (except some little bug, but it is nothing)

There is not much sound saddly.

My only complain is that I must be more bad in math then I remebered... Haven'T been able to use the PIN.

I have so much to complains... 

Have you concider Déjà vue song? :P The controls are really.. something ahah.  

I love the random banners flying...

You really made all this in a week?

Some attacks does not registers...

I can heal myself after dying... but ... but ...

but ...

Why am I laughting my life! 

This is so stupid, that this is soon funny!

I  really think you can fix some point and really make a release of this! 

Really in a week? How much have you recycle? :P

I love the concept of moving to choose where to put money and make some!

It is difficult to read the text at the beginning because of the bar over it.

Saddly no sound (WebGL seems broken).

Excep that. It is really good!


it is a little bit complexe to navigate and see the block with sky, but all in all, really nice!

Music, SFX, visuals... Yup this is a game! and SPOOKY one too!

Pretty nice looking!

Simple game loop with character selection!

Saddly, no sound.

It is pretty nice! Still the text is long to appear. Great job!

Great Idea... Really hard to "move". 

So if I make any king of "Texture" in Shader graph using Mathematic that does not output "image" file (and not Image code converted) it should be ok?

When it says: Procedural-generated textures, I can Use Unity Shader Graph? 

Also, can I use an Noise and apply it as an Normal Map, still using Shader Graph? No external texture.

so If I Understand well... I can't "CREATE" a new Unity Material with the Color Red for exemple?

Many little Bugs, But all in all, really nice Idea!

Many little bugs, but Good Idea for the Theme!

Hi Aron! Thanks you very much to have took the time to test our little project. I do really appreciate that you leaved a really nice critics on the project. Saddly enough, we got some little problems during the development. So not much of the week got used. Pretty much only 2 real days of work got into it, but with the scope of 7 days. 

But many of us loves the idea and we wna to make the project working correctly. So, some of us will try to finish the project outside of the Jam.  If you are interested I do hope you will be able to play the new version and give us your feel.

Also, this is pretty much our first game Jam ever. We just finish a little Unity Course online all together. We hope to produce more quality content in the futur. Either on  Pschnorbus Itch account or our personnal.

Thanks to you again.



Only thing. As TheDerpie said: Should the game stop at the flowers?

I Love the concept. Only point is it is a little bit hard on the jump at the begining and dying easely.

i haven't read all the comments, but.. you know REWIND is not necesary TIME SCALE... 

Some ideas: Rewind.. A story telling... Reviving WW2... Endless Runner on a Video TAPE that is Rewinding... ..

No time Scale needed in this.

Hope this can be useful for some.

My biggest YES, is there is no: Click here to start. It is: Go hop and Adventure!

Sorry... What?!

It must be Abstract art... Not sure to understand...

My biggest problem is that Using CTRL + WASD is not working well in  Browser. Could it be possible to have another Key than CTRL?

You made me cry! I'm LMAO!

Nice, but i can't vote.

THEY HATE MY PIZZA! I was verry not sure at first, but i do like this stupid game ahah.

It was nice until the game crash at the red cubes. Two times in a row.

I like the idea! One view. Only thing is that it kinda hard to move.