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Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Super fun game, both thematically and in terms of gameplay! One level was really frustrating because of the sudden camera change, but it was managable by looking where my mouse position was after the change and preparing it. Great idea, great execution! 👍🏼

That is very strange, maybe try a different browser? Thank you for trying though :) !

Great entry! Very impressive visuals and a great execution of your idea! I especially love the looks of the keyboard. I few years back I created a game on a local jam with a key disableing mechanic that i had to show on screen as well, so its very neat to see similar ideas with very different aproaches. Two Thumps up from me! 👍🏼👍🏼

Simply incredible! Im so glad I clicked this one randomly! The idea of disableing someones controls probably crossed a lot of peoples minds, but executing it with this billiant idea, stunning visuals and overall just clean execution is remarkable! Two Thumps up!👍🏼👍🏼

Thank you, good Idea! Theres a lot of possibilities and ideas to improve on! I love how most peoples reaction is that it is very hard to play, while I was basically playtesting the game for a day and got quite good at it. In fact, we nerfed the AI just before the deadline 😅

infuriating! In a good way! Very clean visuals as well! 👍🏼

It is all fun and games until the Y key gets involed! That caught me off guard as I have a QWERTZ keyboard layout! Thats out of your control of course. Neat idea and simple but very clean visuals! 👍🏼

Very cool concept! And a clean look as well! 👍🏼

Very original idea! Sadly I am used to the german keyboard layout, so some keys confused me, but thats out of your control (haha)! Thumps up!

Should be fixed now!

Thank you for your feedback. Most of the buggs were caused by some issue with the WebGL-build of the game (some issue with the colliders), its working fine in the editor and on windows. Its a shame, but i will post an update as soon as uploads are reopened again after the votings. Glad you liked the idea :)

Very original idea! I couldnt quite tell where the hitbox of the spacecraft ended, but other than that this is a great result. Awesome style as well!

This is so fun! I spend a lot of time with this one. It took some time to get used to the controls, but to my surprise after a few rounds i wouldnt have wanted the control in any other way. Great job!

Thank you very much! A lot of buggs were caused by the WebGL build which is a shame (some problem with certain collider types), in the unity editor its working fine. But im glad you liked  it :)

Wow! This idea is so strange and wonderful, i love it! Among my absolute favourites. I caught myself a few times trying to change the digits by scrolling through them, that would be a nice little addition since everything else works with the mouse as well. Super cool result!

Great execution! It is a little confusing in the beginning, but it got more and more fun the longer i played it. Very cool entry!

This one looks incredibly polished! Very clever to make shooting somewhat of a double edged sword. Great way to give the player a limit without restricting the amount of ammo. It was sometimes a bit awkward to navigate through the room, but thats just a minor problem hiccup. Nice result!

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Thank you for your feedback! Most of the buggs that have been discovered are caused by the WebGL build sadly. Uploads are closed, otherwise i wouldve added a windows version.

Great execution. Looks very polished allready.

Wow! Very good idea and awesome execution. The fact that you still chose to make different item drops that are usually associated with a variety of traits makes this so much better! 

Really like this one! I wish there were more levels. The concept is simple but great!

Very good execution of an awesome idea. This one is among my favourites!

Great execution. Very cute artstyle and fitting music!

Thank you for playing! I intended to add the controls to the main menu but i didnt make it in time.

I like the idea. Cute art and the platforming felt good, very precise!

I am a big fan of this one. I had a similar idea at the beginning but i did not know how to implement the senses visually. You found an awesome way! Very impressive!

Great, now i cant get that melody out of my head :D

Very cool idea and great execution!

Great execution of a fun concept!

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I have seen a few tower defense games with only one tower, but this one is my favourite so far, simply because the cooldown is going down even when the tower is not powered anymore. This made the gameplay really fast and it had a good rythm to it. It lacks polishing of course, but thats not what we are here for to judge. With some music that has a nice beat to it and that is synched to the cooldown of the towers this could be tons of fun. Nice work!

This one could be really great when you speed everything up, both the player and the zombies! I like the used weapons on the ground.

Very cool idea. I really love the design of the different stages. Sometimes the enemies are stuck in a corner and it was really hard to get them out of there, but it was a fun experience nonetheless!

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Super fun concept! I love how the music is only one note. I closed the game a few times on accident before I realised how the menu works :D Very challenging as well, great result!

Great execution of a fun concept!

What an awesome puzzle game! I am impressed! It got very tricky very fast, but you allways tought the necessary skills in advance!

This one is extremely tricky! Nice concept!

This was a lot of fun!

I like the idea! The whole game could be sped up a little i think, its a little slow in general, especially in the beginning when there are very few enemies to keep track of. Still fun though :)

Great execution! The jumping feels really good!