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Tower defence game where you can activate only one tower at a time
Submitted by Furettto — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline
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The concept is great, but there are too many enemies, and even a spawnpoint next to their goal? That's pretty harsh. Still, with a bit more work this could be really cool!


I know a lot of other people have said this but I too found the game really hard. If you can try to get a friend or sibling to play the game before you release it, as being the developer you can make the game way too hard because you base it on your skill alone (A mistake I have made in a few of my games). Still, I liked the game. Maybe add the ability to upgrade towers too 


It's a good concept, but realisation has some significant problems:

  1. Difficulty. It's enormously difficult, too many enemies in a very short period of time. Also, they move too fast.
  2. As a result it's redundatnt to use differetn towers.
  3. Additionally, the key mechanics of each TD is building towers, but in your game they builds automatically. Additionally, I miss upgrades.

Very interesting game, with a few flaws.

  • I don't like the ramping up in difficulty,, because you have no idea what to do when they are coming out from every spawner. Maybe sticking to one spawners or two would have been a better idea. Or making several levels with increasing difficulty. 
  • The towers have no attack animation which doesn't feel good. I know that you had limited time, so this is not taken into account here.
  • Missing music and sound effects are also not that great. Those play an important role. Just a little shot sound for the towers would make it a lot better. But same as last point, not taken into account.
  • You are also missing an indication how many enemies are still left. i.e. when you finished the level, because I don't know if there is an actual finish.
  • One small thing, the enemies don't spawn when you play a second time.

But overall nice idea. Just had to take away some points from the design category.


Thank you for the feedback and for taking into account the limited time. 

Regarding the multiple spawners,they are an attempt at making the player feel how frenetic a game of this kind could be and, as I ran out of ideas and had little time left,  they were the simplest thing to implement that came up to my mind.

Anyway I hope you had an overall good time playing it.


Nice concept. With more exploration, sometime amazing might be done with it.

Check our game:


This was fun!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

As it was One item: yo-yo!


Yeah, this actually works really well. With some more varied enemies and towers to counter them, this could be really cool. Nice work!


Thank you! I'm think about expanding the game after the jam ends.

Really nice idea and very nice work for a single developer! Probably a bigger clickbox for the towers might help, or hotkeys on the keyboard as the towerswitching get's really fast really quick :D 

If you haven't yet check out our submission :)


Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm going to check out your game for sure.

Submitted (2 edits)

I have seen a few tower defense games with only one tower, but this one is my favourite so far, simply because the cooldown is going down even when the tower is not powered anymore. This made the gameplay really fast and it had a good rythm to it. It lacks polishing of course, but thats not what we are here for to judge. With some music that has a nice beat to it and that is synched to the cooldown of the towers this could be tons of fun. Nice work!


Thanks  a lot for the feedback it is really important for me. I'm really happy that you liked it.

Submitted (1 edit)

Lacks polish and juice, but surprisingly well designed. I like how the incentive is to switch towers constantly since they passively reload while not active. The big clearing tower was a nice addition as well.


I worked alone so I really felt the lack of time, but thanks for the feedback I really appreciate  it.


I love the idea of having only one tower in a tower defense game!

The game could use a bit more visual feedback but overall this is a great game and I had a lot of fun with the different tower types and enemy routes!


I'm happy that you enjoyed  the game, thank you for the feedback.


Cool idea! For some reason it was taking up a massive amount of CPU on my computer, but other than that small technical issue it was a neat game!


Probably Garbage Collection Issues.

I'm sorry but when I noticed  the submission window was already closed.


No worries, still enjoyed :D


Frenetic, a word I never knew i needed to know. cool game, TD is one of my all time favorite genres, it makes me think a little, but is almost never overwelming.

here is mine.


im not goot at that type of games, but i enjoyed playing a lot :)


I loved it, it's a nearly mind blowing approach on a genre that's usually quite uneventful. Of course it has a couple of problems here and there and it soon feels overwhelming, but it's surprisingly frenetic and entertaining! I'd love to see more about this game in the future!!