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Raoul William Braghieri

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Looks nice, but it wouldn't work out for this game. On a sidenote, please avoid spamming developer pages, it might detract from the actual value of your tool.

Were you by chance using a keyboard?

Yes actually! I'm working on that today alongside major bugfixes 

Bro had uni exams. The ferret will be back shortly

Oh weird, I have no issues with jumping while standing. And yeah, for this demo specifically we tried to show more of the newer parts. It's still possible to backtrack, but definitely not convenient ahaha

Helo helo! Coming back just to say the new demo is now available!

Thanks for playing it! Unfortunately I can't promise anything about the obelisk for the time being. But! After almost a year of silence, a vastly improved demo is coming out this weekend, it revises everything you saw and adds more context as well as a second zone. You might like it!

Heh, that's what happens when you don't make any builds for 3 months.

I suppose you mean being able to run on walls instead of climbing up them?

You're right, the mouse controls would need a bit of a overhaul by next demo. 

Ahahaha. Don't worry, I sure was confused by that message

rip the ferret

That is true no more my man

Thank you for the feedback! We'll keep that in mind once we get back to updating it!

It's quite hard but very fun, I liked it! The art style, the animations and the effects all look great, it feels very polished now!

Really nice!! Among the best I've played that really stuck with the theme


Aww thanks a ton!!

I'm glad, that was our goal! We kinda messed up at some point, but I'm happy you enjoyed it. Yeah, Eno's adorable, we gotta thank our character designer for that.

Oh, same here, this was actually my first time on a gamejam and working with other people, so this surely has been an interesting experience.
Anyway, I suppose once you got the procedural generation done that sped up your workflow quite a bit? 

Quite original and fits really well with the theme, but a bit lacking in overall design. Nice!

Thanks, surely!


Thank you! And most of all thanks for the compliments on that track. I've had that WIP sitting on my music folder for months, so I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it!
Btw, when choosing the a couple of tracks of mine I tried searching for my least aggressive ones, so surely I didn't expect that to sound like Lethal Legue ahah. But yeah, I loved that soundtrack.

Among the most original ideas revolving around the "only one" theme. Design-wise it keeps most of the limits of Flappy Bird, but still a great game!

Yeah, that must have been a quite frustrating start, but I'm glad you eventually liked it that much!

It's great to hear that!

WOW! This is by far the best design game I played! Super fun and very original!! And the presentation, the sfx, the music, all that just empowered the game feel...  impeccable!

Thank you! Yeah, the controls definitely take more than 3 levels to get used to, but I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

I totally get what you mean, we had a similar problem with level designing and especially playtesting our game's levels. Great to hear you'll keep working on it!

Good idea! There were definitely some clever bits here and there and the horror undertone felt quite promising.

While the gameplay felt somehow too punishing, I loved the idea. It's definitely one of the most original games I've played. Oh, and nice overall style!

Like many said, it looks stunning! Everything in it is solid enough, it has a coherent design that works well, but I can't say it's as impressive as the other aspects. It definitely ranks great in terms of adherence to the theme though!

Too real

Just perfect

Great one! I really liked the idea of replenishing your single. I have to say, though, that the game feels quite slow and slippery.


Really fun to play!

Very polished, it feels great!