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On the Use of the Song

A topic by Yubs created May 23, 2019 Views: 35 Replies: 2
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Let's say I wanted to base a game off of Dancing Queen by ABBA, or any other song.

If I were to use that song in the game, I am assuming that is not allowed because it would be copyright infringement.

However, is there leeway if I were to create my own cover of the song for the Jam? Or is that still pushing the envelope too much? I'm not too familiarized with copyright law, so I was wondering if anyone here is more knowledgeable about it in this regard.


Usually when an artist covers a song, they have some agreement with the owner of the original song. That said, if you changed it up even just a bit, it might be fine? Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

Personally, I'd say try to avoid using the song period, if only because the point of the theme was to build something based on the title, not necessarily the song itself. It's your game though, so make what you want :)


Ok, thank you! I'll probably then have to think about making a "similar" sounding song that draws inspiration from the original.