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Pluto vs. the WorldsView game page

Fight your way through 6 intense battles in this epic Boss Rush to ensure that Pluto finally gets his revenge
Submitted by Aggressive Combustion (@ac_gamestudios) — 8 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#353.4353.435
Sounds and Music#583.1743.174

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The gameplay is cool and I really like the artstyle and animation!


Nice game, i really liked the designs and style of gameplay, it felt good to hit the planets. However the sounds were kinda rubbish, and it really annoyed me that the game automatically desabilitates the sounds and music. The attack patterns where also really annoying since i couldnt actually predict the enemy and make a plan on how to defeat him, with only 2 exceptions, neptune and uranos. The graphics were good but without the background art the game felt rly bland and boring. So yeah i would say you have a rly good concept that i would love to play if you made a post jam version.


Thank you for the feedback! I'll be implementing a lot of that into the post-jam version. That said, sounds are disabled by default because I've played wayyyy too many games (jams and otherwise) that are extremely loud on start-up - and that's a problem especially on stream. But, maybe I can find a better way to deal with that. Anyway, thanks for checking it out! :)


Nice game! The only thing that I would change is that when they hit you, you do not feel the hit. Maybe a screen shake would be fine. Good job!


Thank you for playing! :)


Congrats for finished the game, well done.
Good art style and sounds. I enjoyed the story, consider putting in the game as an introduction.
The game has many settings but did not work when the game started.
I played the web version. So when I press Crtl + D, I open the Chrome bookmarks.
More variety of attack for the player would be good.

Please, rate my game and leave some feedback too =]


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, the settings part is a little messed up - you can't change them after you've played that game until you completely restart it. I mostly tested with a controller, and didn't think about Ctrl causing problems. I'll definitely be fixing that in an update! Appreciate the feedback, and I will definitely be checking out your game :)


Looks really good.  Loved the menu system and the quality of the finish.  Real shame though as I am playing on an iMac and the keys in use end up doing all sorts of funny things and close the game as well, so couldn't actually play properly.    Does look great though and will add to my collection to play on a PC when I can.... :)

I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my 1st ever entry to a Game Jam (this one) and rate it also :)  Thanks

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing! Sorry the controls are a little wonky for Mac - I really wanted to add key binding but ran out of time. If you happen to have a USB/Bluetooth game controller, the game is fully compatible, and you may have a better experience :)

I will absolutely play and rate your game :)


Really good! Nice art style, unique bosses. Most of all I liked how you've made the attacks of Uranus and the sound they make. Like ahaha Uranus - that made me laugh XD 


Thank you! Glad you got a laugh out of that :)


Awesome game, and made all the more impressive seeing how little time you had to complete it :) ! 
Each boss is unique and cool, sounds and music are neat, art is right down my alley and difficulty feels fair (still very hard xD). 
For some reason I couldn't get a quick restart after death though (despite trying both settings), other than that, didn't spot any bugs !
Oh and really cool / funny story ! Keep it up !


Thanks so much! Yeah, I didn't notice the retry issue until I saw YourBr0ther play it during his stream - turns out you can only set things once at the beginning, then have to restart the game to be able to reapply them. I blame programming at 2:30 am for that haha.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway :)


Really great game. The graphics are good and funny, the sounds too. However the bosses are maybe a little to hard on the standard settings. At least for me :D I could not handle the randomness of Venus, Saturn and Neptune after their enrage. Until then it's quite easy to save hearts, but then it gets insane :D So, I really liked the possibility to go easy mode and see your games ending.

Love the story, but the intro is only written in the page. An intro in the game would have been nice.

The only thing which I have to criticize is the repetition in your moves. Jump, dash through boss, dodge attack, jump, dash through boss, ... So here is some improvement to maybe add different attack types, but for the game jam i think your game is really solid. 

Nice job.

I would really appreciate it, if you play and rate my game too.


Thanks for checking it out! The intro was something I really wanted to add but didn't get a chance. I plan to do a post jam version that includes it. Besides that, I originally envisioned a Mega Man type system where you gain the boss attacks. Definitely want to try to add something along those lines.

I really appreciate your feedback and will be sure to check out your game :)


I would definitely play the post jam version. Would be good if you get in touch with me, when it is ready.

Looking forward for your feedback in my game.


wow i really like ! the game is quit challenging (even if a bit too hard for me so i changed all the settings to make me win XD thats cool that we can do that) and the sound effect are funny :) really like the graphics too !


My worst fear was making something that people enjoyed, but couldn't play all the way through. I added the various settings to ensure that anyone could see the ending. Glad the time spent on that part has been worth it for so many people :))

Submitted (1 edit)

Awesome game with cool looking boss planets. I wish there would be more to gameplay, but it's perfect for the theme of this game jam.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)


Thanks so much! Your game is awesome :D


Amazing game, easy 5 stars :D


Thank you!! :)


Game looks sooooo good.... I wish mine looked like that! Sounds are good also.

I liked the different bosses, even tough I could beat them, lol....

I would like to see some platforms and some different levels with the boss moving around. It would give the game a whole new dimensions.

Great entry! Definitely the best looking one so far....


Thank you so much! I've drawn a little bit here and there my whole life, but this is the first time I've really tried doing all the art/animations for a game like this - so glad you like it :)

I really appreciate the feedback - making the boss arenas more varied is something I really want to implement.