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Ok so the gameplay was really fun and it was fairly enjoyable, i really liked the sun dialog and thought it was funny. The graphics were not good, but they were not bad either just meh. I enjoyed the sounds and stuff but music was bad in my opinion. So basically i thought u have a really good and fun gameplay but bad graphics and an ok sound my final grade is a 3/5

i like the concept and gameplay on this one, though i do feel like the time is really short, the art was ok i liked it but it felt a bit unpolished on the elements and planet, the gameplay is cool and different too so yeah thats also cool. The music is really great on this one i really liked it, probably my favourite soundtrack so far. So yeah for me its a 4/5

thanks for the sugestions ill be sure to add it to my post jam version

That was a really cool one, The graphics were really good(with an exception for the main menu but ill let that slide), the music and sound of your game was really cool too, the gameplay was nice though it was kinda annoying how slow it was changing the planet's direction and it also was annoying when a planet died and you could still select it. But the important thing here was the characters and story, and OH BOY did you made it good, i really liked how every planethas a little personality and the multiple endings really increase on the replayability of the game. Basically i really liked this one wanna see what you guys come with 4/5

Ok so you have a pretty good game here, i rly liked the presentation and how polished it was most game in this jam (including mine) lack polish. For the theme i would say it wasn't that great since it only had one planet instead of multiple, still had the main idea i think so thats ok with me. The visuals were really polished and made the game feel way better, though i would say some particle effects (like the bullet destroy thing) were not that good, it was still rly good, mainly comparing it to the other games i played. The gameplay was interesting, though i felt a match was too short and only 3 cows makes it really fast. Another thing with the gameplay is that it feels too easy for the human mainly beacuse once the spaceship starts capturing a cow it cant go back unless it either dies or captures the cow, besides that i also think the player was too fast and was able to follow the spaceship really easily making it kinda unfair for the alien. As for sounds and music i really liked the music an sfx's used in this one, though i have this weird thing that the sound controller in the main menu wouldnt work once i started playing, besides that i rly liked the music and i have nothing to say here. Overall i really liked this entry, it felt solid and polished, for me this is a 4/5

Thanks for the kind words

Nice game, i really liked the designs and style of gameplay, it felt good to hit the planets. However the sounds were kinda rubbish, and it really annoyed me that the game automatically desabilitates the sounds and music. The attack patterns where also really annoying since i couldnt actually predict the enemy and make a plan on how to defeat him, with only 2 exceptions, neptune and uranos. The graphics were good but without the background art the game felt rly bland and boring. So yeah i would say you have a rly good concept that i would love to play if you made a post jam version.

so yeah cool game it was enjoyable. Liked the mechanic, but i was always bumping into things and getting stuck in them, so thats something to get better at. The music was good, but it suddenly stopped and just wouldnt get back, so that was a little annoying. The graphics in general were really good the trail effect looked awessome. So yeah in general it was a rly cool and enjoyable game.

Thx I'll be sure to make a way better version

i really liked this one, the controls felt pretty good and i rly liked the implementation of the theme. The graphics werent amazing but they were enjoyable and i like them. the only thing that i actually disliked was the music, but i had no problem with that cuz at mid game i stopped the music and started playing some random sci fi action playlist on youtube. Overall it was a rly good game, better than average i would say, thanks for participating with us and making this game

thx for the ideas, i havent thought about the color of the keys. As for the galaxy system, yes i do plan to make it infinite, the biggest problem is the keys matching to the music i tried a lot of ways this was my best attempt, though ill try to make it better next time. And yes im gonna play and rate your game dont worry just didnt had time yesterday

thx for playing it, yeah im gonna work on a better version for after the jam anyway thx for playing and enjoying it

my discord its LERPish#2255

if u want i would like to work with you on this jam

1-Room RPG Jam #2 community · Created a new topic question

can i use some old generic code i have that helps me on my jams?

im actually posting it right now dave and thank you for commenting