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Dance Dance GalaxyView game page

Submitted by Team_Fractured — 25 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sounds and Music#283.5333.533
The Experience#1322.4002.400

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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nice game.

feel free to try-out and rate my game.



I liked the game, I agree with everyone else, giving each arrow a different colour would really help to see which key your supposed to be pressing. Nice work on the dancing animations and I loved the fact I could customize my character. My suggestions to improve would be adding more music and adding more dance animations

Would appreciate if you checked out my game :)


I LOVE this game. Its so unique and fun to play! If I could suggest anything it would be to make the gameplay a bit easier by maybe giving each key its own lane sort of like in guitar hero. Also having a different soundtrack for each battle would be cool.


thanks for the sugestions ill be sure to add it to my post jam version




So awesome, so hard!!! I couldn't finish one song :((( Looks and sounds cool, great job!


Thanks for the kind words


Tips for the Post-jam version:

The dancing scene is cool, but I spent all my time looking at the arrows, so I didn't get to look at the dancers. Maybe move the arrows to above the player avatar, or overlaid on top?

Give the arrows some different colors and give them each their own "slot". My brain couldn't process them fast enough without additional cues. It was just a bunch of white circles coming down fast. Too fast for me.

Make a much easier intro or tutorial level.

I'm not sure how you did the beatmatching. Are the arrows cued to the music? I couldn't tell.


Wow, very creative, stylish, and great choice of music! I'm impressed that you had time to make this during the jam! I'd be interested to see where an upgraded version of this goes. :D


Thx I'll be sure to make a way better version


The music and visuals are really funny. I really enjoyed the dance battles, but the game was not really innovative nor was the theme really fulfilled.

You should do something about your galaxy edges ;)


thx for playing it, yeah im gonna work on a better version for after the jam anyway thx for playing and enjoying it


I would definitely play an upgraded version. 

Some ideas from my side: 

  • Make a boundary around your galaxy or generate it prodecural, so that it never ends.
  • Improve the key instructions by giving each key a different color. Right now ever key looks the same and you get lost when they are coming really fast.
  • I don't know if the instructions are bound to the music in the background, but it would be nice if they match (like guitar hero and other such games ;)

If you have an updated version, reply to this comment and I will have a look.

Btw. it would be nice if you also rate my game, if you haven't already ;)


thx for the ideas, i havent thought about the color of the keys. As for the galaxy system, yes i do plan to make it infinite, the biggest problem is the keys matching to the music i tried a lot of ways this was my best attempt, though ill try to make it better next time. And yes im gonna play and rate your game dont worry just didnt had time yesterday