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Fly through space with the mighty space turtle and collect planets in an elegant flight
Submitted by Zeblackcat, Faerie of the Plum — 1 hour, 24 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
The Experience#693.0003.000
Sounds and Music#1202.5792.579

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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nice job

feel free to try-out and rate my game.



Liked the game, espcially the rainbow trail around the turtle, only problem were the glitchy collisions but I think other people have pointed out most things wrong with them already. Nice job :)

Would appreciate if you checked out my game


How do I grab the marbles? I just bounce off them.


Try circling around the marbles without hitting anything that will reset  your trail. ^_~


Thanks. Was that in the instructions somewhere or were we supposed to figure it out? 

Fun game once I knew what to do!

Too bad there's no audio effect for completing a circle.


so yeah cool game it was enjoyable. Liked the mechanic, but i was always bumping into things and getting stuck in them, so thats something to get better at. The music was good, but it suddenly stopped and just wouldnt get back, so that was a little annoying. The graphics in general were really good the trail effect looked awessome. So yeah in general it was a rly cool and enjoyable game.


Pretty innovative mechanics. However they felt unpolished because of the annoying collisions. I personally use in these situations physic material with 0 friction, then it slides along and feels polished. Great work. Keep it up.

Also check my submition:


Thank you very much for playing our game!

We did however mean the momentum to be halted when hitting things though, since the level mode is supposed to be somewhat time based. So gliding along everything would be kindoff contradicting that idea. Sadly however the collision is definitely a bit finnicky, and getting stuck was definitely Not the intention. But for a gamejam, at least it's nothing too gamebreaking. 

And definitely checked your submission, very impressive YaHUB ^_~


Interesting mechanic. I Liked the visual. Maybe the stun time is much long.

Well Done! Nyan Turtle


Hey there Kaish, thank you so much for playing our game!

Yeah, the stun/collision needs a bit of polish. But we're glad you enjoyed your time with it, Nyan Turtle Ho!


It was a really cute and relaxing game ! I like the fact that new gameplay elements are introduced throughout the levels ! The visuals and music were also great. My only critic would be that sometimes the turtle seems to get stuck on obstacles that are behind. Other than that, I really have nothing negative to say ! It was really good ! Congrats !


Hey there TaliOS, thank you so much for playing our game ^_~

Gamejams are gamejams of course, and we reserved polish for afterwards when we have the time. Nontheless, I'm very happy you enjoyed your time with it!


This was a relaxing experience! Great learning curve. I missed some more game elements (and sound fx). You can't die (?) and sometimes i got stuck. Nothing what a bit of button juggling couldn't fix XD. The last level it became more interesting with a kind of maze and small spaces to wrap your trail around the planets. But then ... it ended :((( I liked it. Great game, worth my time, thanks!


Hey there! Thank you so much for playing !

Yeah, we were a bit late with the sound effects. And the OpenGL player definitely didn't quite work along. Glad you found it so relaxing though, we figured bouncing against stuff and losing time would be penalty enough in this game. However the collision can be a bit finnicky at times, and getting stuck wasn't necessarily the intention. But luckily it wasn't anything too game breaking.

And don't worry, if anything those 6 levels were to prep you up for that score attack. There's still more to enjoy ^_~


So relaxing, it's almost addicting.

I think that my turtle was stuck in some very specific cases, but I managed to roll out of it after playing around with the movement keys.

Fun experience overall, nice!


I'm so happy you enjoyed our game that much.
Luckily the collision wasn't anything gamebreaking, definitely something that can be fixed with some more time and polish.

And heck yeah, I've even found myself a bit addicted to the score attack mode. Luckily I saved most of my playtime for after the jam!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Overall a really nice game. I have no idea why I'm controlling a turtle in space and why there is a train and big frozen scissors and stuff, but it's crazyness makes it fun :D

I think you forgot to put the music on loop, because at some point it stopped.

I tried my best in the time attack mode and reached 28, but I could have got more, but a lot of planets were next to each other or some ice was too close to the planet so that I couldn't circle it. Maybe improve the random generation a little ;)


The Music was set to loop and works in Unity itself but as soon as it is built as WebGL app it sadly won't loop anymore.


Yeah, sadly we didn't manage to fix the music in time, since it worked fine in unity we caught that one rather late.

Glad you liked it though and got to check out our game. Goodluck with yours, I'm sure if you decide to continue on it it'll do great ^_~


Loved the visuals and overall tone. Wish their was a bit more to the gameplay, but didn't diminish the overall experience. Also, the music stopped playing after one cycle.


Thank you very much! I certainly had fun creating the art for it and developing that kids toybox theme.
Sadly we did run into a few problems here and there that halted our progress. And we certainly tried to fix the music, but I guess that attempt failed in the end after all.

We're both very happy you enjoyed the game though! ♥