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This was a relaxing experience! Great learning curve. I missed some more game elements (and sound fx). You can't die (?) and sometimes i got stuck. Nothing what a bit of button juggling couldn't fix XD. The last level it became more interesting with a kind of maze and small spaces to wrap your trail around the planets. But then ... it ended :((( I liked it. Great game, worth my time, thanks!


Hey there! Thank you so much for playing !

Yeah, we were a bit late with the sound effects. And the OpenGL player definitely didn't quite work along. Glad you found it so relaxing though, we figured bouncing against stuff and losing time would be penalty enough in this game. However the collision can be a bit finnicky at times, and getting stuck wasn't necessarily the intention. But luckily it wasn't anything too game breaking.

And don't worry, if anything those 6 levels were to prep you up for that score attack. There's still more to enjoy ^_~