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I liked this game a lot! It's mood is so cool as the cat's appearence and the music becomes a bit more evil after every night :D I liked the graphics a lot! I liked as this simplicity and low amount of color palette. Music loops really well and changes a bit in mood very fluently, animations of eating candies are so cute. 

I liked the overall experience, and mechanics. 

graphics, color palette seems cute.

It was fun to play. It's harder after red insects :D 

nice work! I liked the graphics and color palette a lot, 

fun mechanic, neon colors fit well,I liked the upgrade system.

I really really liked the idea! It has a fun mechanic where player needs to play with unity interface elements.

It was really stressfull to balance all the items but it was fun :)

It was a bit hard for me but I enjoyed it :)

Wow good job getting a 4 digit score :D  thanks for the feedback

I' m really bad at puzzle games but I could finish this. I really liked the mechanic.

nice concept. after some point enemies appeared so much that I just started to press random buttons :D

Graphics are really cute. I liked the gameplay too. But it gets hard too fast for me

It s really fun :D nice concept. 

It's really fun and a bit hard :D graphics are simple but cute and works well with the concept and gameplay. 

I really liked the idea. It's really fun. liked the name of the game too :D