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Any sounds or music would have gone really far! Nice work on different enemy types (I saw 3), really wanted to fight a Boss! Additional weapons would have been cool to add, I know time is a constraint in Jams. I took a path to the item room, but wasn't able to go in. Also the thing that was mentioned before about the map, but not too big of a deal. Are the levels infinite, or is there an ending? Overall, I think you did a great job managing your time, and although several features didn't make it, I would love to play again. When the Update comes out let me know!

thank you for your feedback. There are 5 weapons in the game currently. But I managed my time horribly and made about 90% of the game on the last day. Would have liked to do a lot more with enemies and bosses and items. Thanks for you feedback and I will be updating the game soon. And the game is infinite as it is now. Just loops getting harder and harder. In later versions I would like to have different areas

Looking forward to the next version, let me know when the Update is ready to play!