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yes it's all a shader that each object shares. And has a global variable for the radius to show.

Really cool game, loved it. Only thing i would add would be more impact/hit stop when the player gets hit as i couldn't tell when i got hit sometimes. I would love if you could check out my game aswell :)

I was considering trying to make it more spooky but ran out of time. I'll try and make it spookier in a update after the jam maybe with more content aswell

thank you for playing my game. And giving your feedback :) it means a lot.

thank you so much for playing my game and your feed back :) 

Yes you are right it is a shader that every mesh has. And it doesn't render based on a world mapped noise texture and out side a certain radius.

Yeah I'm thinking I might work on it more and get it to a full release. It was super fun to work on.


The EXPLOSIVES content update is now available for FREE


  • New Player Ship The "Bomber"
  • New Enemy Ship The "Sea Miner"
  • New Boss The "Deep Space Miner"
  • Quality of life bugfixes and changes

Stay Up to date with developments by following me on twitter HERE

Just released the new content update and a linus build aswell, i cant test the build so please let me know if there are any issues and i can fix them. :)

Yes sorry, hopefully there should be a linux build in the next update. Thank your for your patience 

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Drill, Smash, Stab, Burn, Chop and blast your way through the galaxy. Pilot a wacky arsenal of ships, on your endless mission.


  • Endless replayability with the procedural enemies spawn patterns
  • Unlock new ships/planets/enemies/bosses the more you play
  • High speed bullet hell action

  • Prove yourself with force
  • Each planet is unique
  • Challenging bosses

  • Drill, Smash, Stab, Burn, Chop and blast away enemies with a range of unique weapons
  • Use all your arsenal to escape from enemies

  • Free content updates!
  • Join us on social media and have a hand in the creation of the game
  • Constantly updated
  • Remapable controls

fixed link

Ill add these 2 paid games of mine for this cause.

Hey, yeah im more then happy to help. Took me awhile to figure it out aswell. Im using co-routines and IEnumerators when throwing, one for each hand. Im using A component called "" DoodleAnimator" which you can go ".ChangeAnimation('YourNewAnimHere')".  

I only found out about him and his games after I made this. Someone else linked me to him. This was made to show some students that you can make a release something in a short time and you arnt required to be the best artist.

As someone who worked on development im really glad that it has inspired you to make games. Its a cool game. And you did upload the game files but if you go to the GameJam folder, there is a .exe people can run. Check outmy game, sadly i only had ~1 day to work on its so its still quite rough

thanks for playing and your feedback. And yes they are heavily inspired by hollow knight as I worked on the game doing the air behaviours so I had to spend along time looking at the art style. And it's all I could think of when trying to design bug enemies

thank you for your feedback. There are 5 weapons in the game currently. But I managed my time horribly and made about 90% of the game on the last day. Would have liked to do a lot more with enemies and bosses and items. Thanks for you feedback and I will be updating the game soon. And the game is infinite as it is now. Just loops getting harder and harder. In later versions I would like to have different areas

Im sorry t hear that, yeah the game isnt optimised at all sadly. I didnt have the chance to test on any pc but my own

Yeah the game doesn't work, you cant press any buttons

Game doesn't download at all

I keep crashing into a invisible object or wall and die?

How is this anything to do with the theme?