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This is super neat! also do you have some fascination for flowers?

I enjoy this game, the music is very swell! A few things that may help you: when you reach the end of the supply of your stem then the screen starts jerking around. I think whats happening is your reset value is X while your movement value is X+n. Thats just what I think.

Also movement would be a bit smoother if you mapped the flower to direct towards the mouse and move towards the direction the mouse is facing when MouseLeft is clicked and fire the seed when MouseRight is click? It would play more smoothly I think

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Hey, this is Artemis with the 7Left team! This is my personal game playing account.

I enjoy your mildly clunky art style. Your music is probably one of your best strengths. I've encountered a bug that leaves the energy notifications even after I sleep em off. They're still there. The game is a decent concept but I have no clue why you're using the bucket tool so much when making your art. (I mean in the art minigame not the games art itself). Nice game, hope to see improvement from you in the future. From me and from my friends at 7Left

This game is very interesting but Im not sure if something is supposed to happen after lighting up all the games of yours? I assume not but there is no final winstate... its kinda confusing? I thought it was bugged out at first

what even are the controls?

This is actually an interesting concept. The graphics are kind of a puzzle all on their own

This was an interesting game. I wish the entire game shared the same art style as the bird. There were a few moments where I had no clue where to go