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Okay. So. These ratings are broken. There is no sound and music! The rating for that should not be so close to the rating for everything else that I actually managed to do! These scores are so similar that the low number of ratings doesn't matter. The criteria should be rated differently depending on how each criteria is done, I should not have the exact same scores for four of them! If my game is that bad, comment about it so I can learn how to fix it! I'm not saying this because I have a low rating, but because it is true. This shouldn't even be possible. Anyone who sees this comment, please, learn how to rate games properly and not like this.

Not a very exciting game. I might not be one to say that, considering mine, but it's true. With a bit more time, some playtesting, and better visuals, this game might be a lot better! I really like the music though, so good job on that! Next time, perhaps add more gameplay elements. Using sliders to no avail can be quite boring, and unfortunately, it just doesn't feel like a game. 

Well, I went for too large a scale and rushed it at the end. But, I learned lessons from it, and that's the point. As a matter of fact, I did make audio, but didn't have the time to add it. Thanks for the feedback though, as I need it, not just ratings.

Very nice, and loads of fun for such a small game, but small games can be expected with just a week to make them. Adding sound and music would be nice, but of course it's not like I added it! Perhaps learning how to scale your project with the time you have, like I should, would really help you to make even better games, but this is incredible for a first game jam.

Incredible art style, as always, and great replayability! To find another secret room I never knew was there feels great!

Probably one of the best games in the jam - it certainly deserves to be! Innovation has a strong hold on this, and the visual style is great! I would really like to see many more games made by you!

I don't really like this game. The pre-made levels are too difficult, and it's just not my type of game. Plus, if you're going to add sounds and music, make them ones people haven't heard a million times before, if you can't make your own

A fun, simple puzzle game with a little innovation behind it. Add music and sounds and it would work even better than it already does!

I mean the whole game

Certainly a difficult game, and some good art as well! Perhaps work on the UI a bit, and the music. That would make it excellent!