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Fun game! My comments are below.

The responsiveness of various objects to your movements in the world really gives a sense of belonging and agency (which I know that you have covered in some of your YouTube videos). It helps to immerse the player and feels very organic. I hope that more small indie games really take this approach on.

I know that you have a signature style of artwork, which certainly helps people recognize your work from a glance. But it may be fun to break out from your comfort! I think that this game has wonderful style -- I was always excited to see what interesting little creature I would encounter next. But from a more meta-standpoint (and as is fitting with the theme of this game jam), I think that you should explore new game styles in future projects. I am always able to recognize a character of Noa's creation from scrolling through a lengthy list of videogames in a jam. That is a double-edged sword however. Don't put yourself in a box! Try to branch out a bit in your digital artwork, the sound effects, and animation/transition style. 

Besides those comments, this is terrific design work as always. Thanks for hosting this game jam.

Hmm... Trying out different styles may be great I think, but for a jam? When you have so much to do, and so little time to do it? Naaah