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Lovely little game that fits the theme well. And I've never seen a game where setting the bindings is the core game mechanic :) good job.

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Thanks! I agree with all of the above - lots to improve :D

Really nice simple idea and fun to play :)

Really cool idea with lots of promise. I'd love to see it developed further!

There's something very satisfying about this! I liked it a lot :)

Beautifully presented, nicely done.

I really liked what I played, but found very difficult to progress. I think I got the general idea, but I was frustrated that sometimes my 'up' input wouldn't register, and I wouldn't jump. Not sure if this was part of the design or not? But it's a really great idea :)

Lovely. Very fun, original, and fits the theme well. Plus, Debussy!

A cool concept. I like the tetris-style 'up next' mechanic. Unfortunately I hit the issue when loading the second level. The idea has promise!

I reached the end woop! I loved it. The contrasting music is great, and made me giggle.

I reached the end woop! I loved it. The contrasting music is great, and made me giggle.

Very cool that it uses real stocks data.

Neat! Well presented and amusing :)

Thank you :) I'm quite keen to progress this further into a more complete game, as I think it's a fairly good framework to start from.

T t t t t had me giggling

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I'll take that as a compliment xD. Unfortunately yes, just one level.

Thanks, it died after the game jam for which it was created.

Thanks ... weird is what we aimed for in the end. It's a shame we couldn't fill it out into something complete.

I'm disturbed by how hooked I got to this game. All down to the writing and voice acting, I suspect.

Yeah! I agree, there could be lots to explore.

It's very kind of you to take the time to go through every single game, I hope you had fun!

I actually had the river loading in early, but then I made it load in "on time" so a new part of river will appear in time with the next beat. But yeah this kind of ruined the seamlessness ... 

Thanks! Yes that musical layer could certainly be improved :P

Fantastic! I really like the fact that the music is not completely metronomic (whether this was intentional or not). And the mix of short-term timing with longer-term planning creates a really really good blend. 5*

Thank you :) 

Yeah I think the fact that the moon pulses are staccato makes it less obvious that you should hold the keys down. I should maybe change the moon pulsing, making the release smoother. You're right, it does kind of feel like tick-tacking on a skateboard.

Really good, but my favortie thing about it was the character movement animation. In particular the one-handed hand plant tickled me.

I love it. I could spend a lot of time with this.

I really loved this. The writing, the voice acting, the audio, the visual style, the simple but effective gameplay. It's my favourite yet out of all the entries I've played. Top marks!

Thanks :) I updated it since the initial feedback, so hopefully this is a sign it has become a bit more intuitive!

I really like the circle indicators that fit rhythmically with the movement. Nice touch.

Very fun! Beautifully simple, but the subtle shake is a really nice touch.

Cool concept! I also liked the feel of the response of the lock rotation when using the mouse :)

Thanks a lot. I'm working on making the mechanics clearer through visual indications, and smoother audio.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I've taken the advice about the audio and I'm trying to make it better/clearer :)