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Really nice game, with some great art and an interesting mechanic!

Thanks! I didn't make the kitty myself, it is found in a open source pack as stated on the description of the game. I only made the victory animation myself, which was done in Photoshop

Nice cool game! Had some issues to get it working with a keyboard, but after setting the controls everything went fine! I like the music a lot and the visuals are simple yet effective (the carousel is nicely done, compliments on that one!) There's one point I would like to see added and that's a reference to how I have done (I see the points, but like a "Good", "Great...", "Alright" scale kinda thing)

Nice, fun game! There were some cases where I lost a life, but there was enough space. Besides that, a sound effect for hitting a ship or collecting a crate would have been nice, as well as some visual indication (blinking for example)

Nice game, but it was a bit too hard for my preference (5 buttons on a row and wasn't able to fill a bar)

Very good game! Nice entry when you look at the combination of the theme, the visuals, the music and the game design. I like the progression, but the last levels were a bit to hard for me (personal experience and preference)

There isn't a clear objective in the game and there isn't an end as far as I have seen. Good job on the sound and visuals though, fit the vibe of the game!

I agree with you on your point about a more rhythmic background music, that's a solid suggestion!

Thanks for your kind words! The kitty is from a pack so isn't made by us. Thanks for the feedback on the jump mechanic, the ability to double jump was intended to only work as an extra jump in mid-air, so when you're falling you can only jump once in mid-air (as opposed to jumping once on a platform and then a second time in mid-air). Maybe it would have been better to make it a maximum of two jumps, no matter if the first one was on a floor or not. Thanks again!

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Thanks for your feedback! The platforms rise and fall based on the music, but other than that there's no link between the music and the game.
It does feel so indeed and thanks for pointing that out! It is my first entry in a game jam as a programmer and I spend 5 days on the game as it is right now. I was running out of time to include more levels with more interesting mechanics