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Thanks for playing and for the review! With such a limited timeframe I never considered players with colorblindness, that’s excellent feedback. It’s relatively easy to change the color of each note so in a future version I will remember to let the player select a custom color palette.

Oh that’s a nice idea! I feel like it would be good as a setting though as I assume some people prefer the smooth motion, thanks for playing!

Thanks for the review, I love the immunity idea! I was trying to figure out how to smooth those section transitions. I’ll probably implement that suggestion before moving on to my next project.

Thanks! I agree the mouse roatation can be difficult to manage, particularly on smaller view ports. I ended up using the arrow keys almost exclusively during development. I do find the mouse is easier for fine movements though.


Nice music graphics! Overall I enjoyed the game but whenever the track would turn I found it jarring and difficult to control my car to where I wanted until the turn was complete.

Great stuff! the level progression went nicely, the music was enjoyable, and the dance animations were cute!

I love the concept of using binary numbers as notes! This was very difficult for me however, any games with more that about 5 keys put up a fairly steep skill wall to get started with.

Great work, I really enjoy the idea of recording the player's motions and playing them back in layers!

Pretty simple and maybe not the most original concept ever but I had a fun time playing it for sure!

I like the concept and the music is beautiful, the graphics leave a little to be desired though and the whole external webpage seems to scroll on arrow keys which is jarring.

This is well executed but as you noted, incomplete. My first run I got stuck in a loop where i couldn't move or shoot due to the enemies hitting me but there as no restart button or game over screen so I had to reload.

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This is probably my favorite game in the jam so far, like the others it took me a bit to understand the underlying mechanics but once I did I wanted to keep playing! Despite it's simplicity, the music was nice and never got too annoying even after a fairly long session. Well done!

I really loved this. I also lost every. single. round! well done.

The character art is beautiful and the music is nice, I had a really hard time making it past that first triangle which shoots upward though so I eventually gave up.

Yeah this def made me LOL, its a bit jarring to play for very long but I enjoyed it for a while.

What a lovely game! The pace is much slower than some in the game jam but the concept, atmosphere, and gameplay were charming!

I like the art and music on this one, its peaceful and the kitty is really cute! The physics could use a little work however, jumps feel a little flat and a platform falling beneath you disabled the ability to double jump.

I would love to see this game finished, the pixel art looks nice and the base game mechanic seems fun.

I'm really digging the art and music! The movement feels a bit out of time to me though, it seems like the time it takes the player to move leaves me feeling un-synced with the beat. It would also be nice if you could move backward when facing that direction.

This is a really neat idea and the atmosphere/art sell it well! My main critique would be that is very hard to tell when an enemy is close enough to attack, which left me mashing the attack key whenever I thought it would be right. It may be nice to have a subtle unsheathing sound when an enemy is within striking distance.

Nice prototype, it took a little white for me to realize that i was supposed to play the same pattern twice to actually deal the damage but once I did the visual response was satisfying. 

Thanks for the review and I completely agree with the critique!

Sadly that came down to time constraints. I was hoping to add a reward system with varying prizes based on score but couldn’t manage to get it done in time. Thanks for the spoiler warning though lol.

Excellent idea and fun to play! It seems like the audio didn't load for me however.