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Not bad, if taken as an example of level design and visual effects it's actually pretty cool.

This was a fun little game and pretty well made. If you plan to work on it anymore, new areas would be nice. 

A nice little creepy experience. Felt apprehension around every corner :)

That was a fun experience! I think playing it on a computer in a short period of time does take away from it tho. I think playing it over two or three days with messages coming when you don't expect them probably makes it more immersive.

But the way you set it up made it pretty easy for recording (except that night thing :) ) and it would have been troublesome to record it under "normal" play conditions.

Great job! Felt a lot of different emotions in this. From confusion (lots of confusion), fear, hope and more. I can definitely see you put a lot of yourself into it and hope it was able to help you work through things. 

From a more technical perspective, there was also a lot of neat stuff here. You say in the description the graphics are little more than boxes and shadows but I thought you did an amazing job with the graphics. 

I liked it. Good atmosphere and the like. Very creepy. 

nice. Like the graphics and atmosphere. Story intrigued me a bit as there were enough clues to make me think I might have some idea of the bigger story. Looking forward to seeing the full version.

pretty cool. Nice atmosphere and visuals. Will be interested in seeing more.

This was pretty awesome! Even better than the first game. I always love to see games that can be genuinely creepy with old school graphics. Looking forward to the release of Chapter II.

I know this is a standalone story but I am curious if this story has any connection to the main storyline at all.

Redid the video with (hopefully) better sound quality. Sorry to anyone who tried to watch the first one.

Nice little horror experience. Good creepy atmosphere all around. Certainly enough atmosphere to expand out to a larger game if desired. I'll second what someone else commented and say it gave off a strong "The Thing" vibe. 

Filled out survey btw.

That was hilarious. Couldn't get past 20 something but had fun anyways. Could make this a series of games, the adventures of Mr. Buttman. :)

Very cool game. I love all the options and call backs to so many classic games. Solid controls, great audio and art!

Can't imagine how much work must have gone into this, between art sound, coding, etc. Seems like a lot for one person :)

pretty cool. Nice atmosphere with sounds and environment. Great job on the assets and bringing it together into a nice little creepy game!

I liked the effects (audio visual and controls) as you approach the end, gave an out of control feeling at just the right time.

Excellent job Dave! It does feel a lot like STFBTS but a lot more refined and detailed. I didn't get very far but will definitely be playing it until I can get through it.

Great job on this! Looks like a lot of work to make this come together. Never got to play the original and only watched some of it, so it was great to get a chance to play it. Could not quite get through to the end unfortunately.

Ack, should have thought of that, I've actually done that in the past :)

You could possibly set monitor 2 as the primary monitor. If I remember correctly it can do things like resort your desktop icons though. So if you have those arranged a certain way it could be annoying.

Neat game! I really like the graphics and the overall feel of the game!

Pretty good game. I didn't play it before the candle time was lengthened but it seems to be a good length. short enough that you are always looking for them but not losing too quickly because of it.

This was excellent. The ending surprised me and I guess I can't really say anything else about that. Great job!

I loved the whole wahoo answers thing too. Kind of a neat way to find info in a game and entertaining.

Very cool creepy game. Good atmosphere all around. Great visuals and sound.

I was a little confused at the end because I wasn't sure if I "lost" or if that's just how it ends. Still not sure actually :)

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A cute little game. I really love the look and feel of it. I feel like it could be a little harder and longer though but it was enjoyable as it is.

And are you not supposed to know how it turns out in the end? Whether the list got to Santa etc.

you're welcome. Glad it helped.

Happy coding!

Interesting. Think it has a way to go but I like it so far. Like Reimagine Games, I liked the cut scene things. 

Since you asked for feedback :)
-Feel like the cut scenes could "fit" a little better but not sure how. Just a little jarring.
-The camera needs to be adjusted so squatting doesn't cut through the floor (unless that just happened on my system)
-Shift and ctrl should probably be swapped. shift squats and ctrl runs which is opposite to almost every pc game out there.
-keep on developing! And have fun with it!

Very fun game! Loved the look of it and the music fit great. All around good job!

Nice game! Good creepy atmosphere.

Awesome game! Very unique game mechanic and well done visually. I was close to finishing but only able to get 7 candies.

Pretty cool. Looks good and plays well. Good balance of being very maze-y but not so difficult or long as it gets frustrating.

Pretty cool short horror game. Got me to jump a couple times :)

Was going to say here that it was pretty buggy but then realized I missed some of the instructions on this page. Might need to give it another try. Unfortunately I already uploaded the video. 

Despite the possible bugs and bugs that were actually my inability to read directions I still thought it was pretty good. 

yikes. That sucks.

Do you archive versions so you could go to an earlier version and maybe figure out what happened?

Very cool. Has a nice balance of weird crap just happening and having enough consistency in the world where you can try to figure out what to do.


Very interesting. Very short game but it gets a lot done in its brief time.

Interesting and well done if a bit short.

Nice game! Fun and pretty challenging.

Played the original and loved it so I had to give this one a shot. Pretty good all around and I like how you updated and then added to it. Unfortunately was not able to find the secret ending.

I do have to say though, I think the original mannequins were creepier. 

Cool, interesting, unique, disturbing. Lots of words to describe this.

I liked it so much I played it through twice in my video below. I am curious as to a few things but the description makes me think there won't be answers anytime soon :)

It seems to me there are at least three possible stories going on here. I think the way the game is designed is so that the story you choose is the truth. Or, put another way, none of the options are the "right" answer. It's just what you make of it.

After getting my video ready I feel like my conclusions at the end are a bit over extended and I am assuming a lot, but that just fits in with what I think the point of the game is :)

Very cool. Great atmosphere all around. Could be longer of course but even that part was pretty good for a four day jam.

I found a way to cheat btw :)

Pretty cool if a bit frustrating. Definitely felt a sense of urgency in the game when it showed up :)

I made a video but you can just ignore everything I say in the second half because I have no idea what I'm talking about :)