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Very nice little horror game. 

pretty good. I liked the atmosphere of this.

Pretty spooky. Wasn't able to finish as I got stuck and unable to figure out how to continue but I had fun in the meantime.

Really cool. I like the unique environment and monster. Especially impressive being a jam game.

Great job! Really creepy and love the VHS effects you used. 

I liked it. Pretty spooky and dark. 

Had a nice creepy atmosphere that had me tensed up the whole time and that was certainly an... interesting way to end a horror game. :)

Very cool. I liked the way things change but don't change.

Like many, I was not able to figure out ending 6 and 7.

I even saw your hints about them on the comments here and was unsuccessful. 

I really love the visual style you have here and it's really freaky during the chase.

Nice little game with a spooky atmosphere.

Very cool game. Good atmosphere and pacing to keep things interesting.

Very creepy. I am getting pretty desensitized to horror from playing too much but these kinds of aliens creep me the hell out and this demo does a good job of presenting them in a very creepy manner. The build up and reveal works really well.

No worries. Pretty good twist once I stopped being dumb :)

Much easier! Thanks!

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This was very cool. I especially think you did an awesome job of capturing the feel of the ocean for such a short game. I think the pace of the game worked very well with that. if it were a longer game it would be frustrating to get anything done, but it was short enough for that not to matter much.

If I would change anything it would be to add a reticle to aid in shooting but even that wasn't too much of a problem. :)

This was pretty cool. I was pretty dumb at first and didn't understand the ending. I had to go back and edit in a new ending for my video :)

Pretty good. I like the look and feel of it. Little rough around the edges in some spots but not bad for a demo.

I liked this a lot. I think it was paced out pretty well actually. Started out normal and got weirder and weirder. Liked the twist as well.

This is really fun for a short demo/prototype. Any plans to expand on it? Would love a more involved version.

Very cool. I really like the visuals here. 

Liked it, pretty spooky. 

I really liked it. A very nice creepy short game. I like the way the thing is ever present and relentless but also avoidable. A nice balance between being scary while not making it too difficult.

I really liked it. The puzzles aren't too hard but are interesting. And the story is intriguing. I did run into some bugs, specifically the doors were getting bigger :)

A nice simple horror game. Really impressive for a 2 day game.

I liked it. Very creepy. Some of the controls were... interesting, but a neat interpretation of the jam goals.

Very nice game, had a lot of fun playing it.

I had to play it twice though because I thought the thing at the end wouldn't really do the thing and didn't wait long enough :)

you're welcome! 

Not bad for a very short game.

Very nice. Good use of sounds and graphics to make things pretty creepy. 

Very well done. The creatures are really creepy and you did a good job making them dangerous but not too overpowered in their ability to surround you.

Really interesting idea. It has a nice creepy atmosphere as well. 

Great job!

No prob!

Pretty good. Nice creepy atmosphere that grows more unsettling as it goes.

I love the look and feel of this. This is an awesome job for a small simple horror game.

Not a bad short little game. I wasn't able to finish but checked out the walkthrough after playing and I had (eventually) got the right idea. It just hadn't worked for me for some reason. Still pretty cool.

Nice atmosphere and kind of spooky. 

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This is awesome. The attention to detail on recreating Among Us is amazing. I didn't play quite long enough to see everything but it seems very thorough, from minigames to art style.

While it would be cool if it could be multiplayer I understand that's a lot of work, especially if it wasn't planned from the beginning. Great job!

Pretty good atmosphere. The ending seemed kind of weird not sure it worked right for me. 

Not bad. The atmosphere was pretty good. got both endings. 

What do you think of letting people continue if they get the shorter ending so they don't have to start over? "would you like to make a different choice?" 

You're welcome!

Cool. Will be curious to see them.