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I like it. Wasn't able to finish it but had fun anyways.

Nice horror game! A lot of unique things going on here. It does at first seem to be a fnaf clone but it breaks out of that mold very quickly.

I will be sure to keep an eye out for it in the future and would love to play the full version.

I don't think it's too hard. Like I said in the video, not finishing it has more to do with time constraints on my end and trying to stick to my upload schedule than anything :)

Another awesome game! I loved (well still love) Courage the Cowardly Dog. I like that you not only made a horror game out of a kids show, but kept it pretty accurate to the show.

Which I guess says a lot about the show... :)

You're welcome. sounds good!

by the way, I made a video of "left above" that I was going to upload in a day or so. But it seems you have removed it from itch.io, is it ok if I still put that up?

Nice game. Really liked the graphics and sound. 

Nice creepy atmosphere, good use of jumpscares. Nice job!

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This is pretty awesome. Great effects and good use of creepiness. Not sure I got the story right but I came up with a few theories in my playthrough. Great job!

I liked it. I'm utterly awful at it, but I liked it anyways.

Very nice. A great atmosphere and I am already intrigued by the story. 

Went a lot better on the second try. It took me a little bit to get through it but I definitely didn't have enough patience for it the first time I tried it :)

Either that or I ran into bug(s) that I couldn't reproduce but that seems very unlikely.

Still love the concept. I feel like the idea could be fleshed out a lot more but for two days this is great!

I was going to make a video but didn't because I was having so little progress, but if it might be bugs I will make one anyways so you can see what's happening if you want. Might be a few days though. 

A nice short horror game. Good job.

I really like the concept but I feel like I was missing something. if i took a few steps at a time and waited for the noise to go down I still couldn't get very far. 

I got as far as getting a second key but was getting frustrated by constantly getting killed no matter what I did. Even if I never turned the lighter on and went by memory so it must have been the "listening" spirits. 

Very cool game! I wasn't great at it but made it to the end through extensive cheating!

Also I'm either really dumb and missed something or there's a bug where it doesn't recognize the lobsters. It kept saying it was a false arrest whenever I would try to nab a lobster smuggler.

Regardless of that, it was lot's of fun to play, great job!

Nice game. I like the little world and atmosphere you created. 

This was pretty good. Good job for a first try at unreal!

I like the way the graphics. Good 3D representation  of a 2D cartoon.

Created a new topic My youtube playthrough

Very cool little game. Good atmosphere and all and the jumpscares got me a bit just by being placed at a good time.

I love this. I'm not sure I understand exactly what was going on but I love how you took an interesting game mechanic, then built a bizarre world around it. Lots of fun!

Neat game. It looks really cool and the audio bouncing effects are really well done.

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nice game! It has a nice creepy atmosphere and I would like to see how it develops.

very cool short game. You creayed a very creepy atmosphere here. 

Cool game. A lot creepier than you would expect.

Very cool. I absolutely love the way this looks. Would be great to see a longer game using this style. Lends itself to a nice creepy atmosphere.

Very um. Different :)

I don't want to give away anything. So I'll just say good job.

Very cool little game. I was only able to find 5 of the endings but I might revisit it again and see if I can find the rest.

Fun little game! Very reminiscent of "there is no game".

Very cool! Great job recreating the feel of these games. And I love the idea of doing this to celebrate a milestone. Mind if I steal that idea if I ever reach another milestone? :)

I couldn't get past the I'm Scared part, I might give it another try if I can figure out what I was missing. Unfortunately I would have to play through everything before it again though and the slender part took me forever.

Awesome game! Lots of fun, I wish the controls were a little easier to deal with (I imagine that's the point though).

Any plans to expand on the idea and make it longer? It's fun but so short.

This is amazing. The comparisons to Undertale are inevitable, but that's just because you

made (are making) an amazing game that seems to be doing a lot of the same things right.

Unique gameplay in an rpg (unique in the genre and unique from Undertale), interesting

story, and great audio/visuals.

Can't wait for the full game!

Nice game. Got a little confused in parts but that's normal for me. Nice creepy game.

Pretty neat. I like the atmosphere and the controls and such seem good.

I know you aren't planning on further development so I won't go too far into it but I did get one major bug (or i didn't understand what was happening).

If I died during during the "gauntlet" of enemies along the bottom of the map, it would take me to a save point I had never been to. Actually I had never found a save point which maybe is the problem.

I didn't get very far but I did make a video:

Pretty cool, the atmosphere was mysterious and creepy. Good sound effects. Too many lockers :)

I think you might be right about gamemaker not supporting it. it's an older one so it does have compatibility problems sometimes. It's unfortunate that gamemaker couldn't just use whatever controllers windows sees.

Thanks anyways!

This was pretty good even though you made me sad.

I am not familiar with the web comic but I will have to add it to my out-of-control list of comics :)

This looks fun but I can't play it because I am having trouble setting up controls.

It doesn't recognize my controller at all (an old logitech dual action) even though windows sees it fine. And all players set to keyboard are locked into the same controls.

Any ideas? If there is a way to customize keyboard controls that I'm not seeing that would work.

I really liked the idea used here. It would be great to see it longer with maybe a bit of polish. But it's a jam game and I know that often there isn't time to put finishing touches on a game :)

This was kind of fun though, I made a video of my play through:

This game is awesome and really creepy! You nailed the old style effects. I really think the old school sounds are the most disturbing way to give a voice to a demon. :)

I think I got really close to the end but unfortunately I ran into an error that crashed the game.

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Very cool! I played Midnight Shift and now this and I really think they both offer different things that could be incorporated to make a more terrifying game :)

I really liked the way MS looked but this one did a better job of building tension. It had a slower build to the introduction of the mannequins and did more subtle things.

All around great job!

Also I didn't find the secret ending. It appears I did pick up 3 things that weren't fuses though. I don't know if that's how you get it and I missed some or needed to do something else or what. I may have to mess with it some more and see if I can figure it out.

My video:

This is really well made. I love the visuals and the environment. Pretty creepy as well.

I'll have toi give Urbex a try too.

my playthrough: