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Not bad. Nice little short horror game.

Really cool. A little buggy in spots but still fun. Loving the series of games.

Loved it. Very creepy feel all around that I found very unsettling. Found all 3 endings and looking forward to the full release!

really cool. I really enjoyed this. It did confuse me a bit at times but I think it was supposed to :)

Pretty cool and creepy.

Pretty good. a little quiet but it did make the sudden sounds more surprising.

I liked this. Nice atmosphere and got a few good jumps out of me.

Not bad.

This was pretty fun. Found all the endings!

Interesting so far. Good luck with the full game!

I enjoyed this. Not very different from the first one but better in some ways and even knowing what to expect it still got me pretty good in spots. I found all the endings too!

Nice little game. Great job for a first game!

Loved this. Some really unique ideas and really well done, especially for being done in 10 days. Really appreciated the shortcuts when restarting.

Very creepy, loved it.

you're welcome! 

Blame Sean

Very neat and creepy. I was quite a bit confused but I think I just had a case of the dumb.

Very well done!

Don't usually jump or get creeped out much lately (from playing a lot of horror games), but the sound and visuals in this worked really well and got me pretty good!

oh no, they were right about the videos game making us violent 😱😁

Another fun murder spree! Didn't feel quite as bad in this one :)

Pretty interesting. Think I got the general idea of the story. 

I think you really captured the feeling you would expect walking into such a disturbing environment. It could use a bit of polish but comments on here sound like your going in the right direction. 

interesting and creepy. Great job!

Aww, I hate getting that close :)

I played quite a bit longer than the video because I thought there was a chance I was. I don't think I'll make another video but I'm gonna see if I can finish it.

This was a lot of fun. I may have run into a bug or two that prevented me from finishing all the objectives and achievements, but it's also possible I just didn't figure it out :)

It took me a minute to fully remember the cartoon but once I did, it was really clear in my mind. Neat idea.

I enjoyed this, a nice short little creepy game. 

Hehe, I'll definitely give that one a try, looks fun!

Yeah still plugging away on youtube. I've slowed down a bit, basically realized it's probably never gonna be more than a hobby so I'm not gonna let it affect my life or other projects too much :)

But still trying to keep a steady, if smaller, stream of videos going. 

Glad to see you've still been busy on the game development, I'll have to take a look at what you've cooked up.

well, that was... dark. But funny. :)

Interesting short game.

Not bad. Pretty creepy little kids :)

Holy shit. Can't say anything else about it without spoilers :)

This is awesome, loved it. Also kinda hated it, but in just the right way :)

Not bad. interesting story. Good atmosphere.

The flashlight ran out way too fast tho, especially since there aren't batteries. 

Pretty cool. Creepy and a little confusing. I think I got the basic idea but maybe didn't get the entire story. Felt like it was supposed to work that way though.

Cool. Good luck

I enjoyed it. A little silly but a little spooky. 

Pretty cool. Nice vfx and nice difficulty balance for a short horror game, not too hard but not too easy. I got all 4 endings.

Good luck!

Not bad. Couple buggy or confusing bits but pretty good for an early project.