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Another great game! Wasn't able to beat this one in the time I had unfortunately. Was able to get to obnoxiously close to escaping (without killing him) though. Great atmosphere and video effects in this one!

I had some serious slowdown in the middle of my recording and cut a huge chunk out but had to leave some in for what I was doing/saying to make sense. It starts getting better in a few mins.


Always nice to find a bug! Makes these videos feel like they have a practical purpose :)

Thanks for watching!

Northbury Grove community · Created a new topic Great game!

Very cool game. The atmosphere is amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get very far once I got stuck in a locker :)

This was pretty cool and I enjoyed it even though I did horribly and ran into a few technical issues. The biggest problem is that the text kept going off the sides of the screen. Played with resolution and it made no difference.

Aside from that I think I was just being really dumb and not seeing how things were working at first. :)

you're welcome! 

Nice game, pretty well made and seems to have an interesting story going for it. That monster is creepy as hell :)

Unfortunately I did not get very far but it was fun.

This sounds really awesome but I get an error every time at the "perfection in progress" screen. windows 7 64 bit.

well now it's a spoiler :)

Great atmosphere. Not sure I knew exactly what was going on, but I feel like that was on purpose. The graphics were really amazing, almost looked real in parts.

Pretty good short horror game. Great job on the models, I want that keyblade! :)

I did run into an error whenever I answered the phone but was able to finish the game by ignoring it.

I love the vhs effects. Nice and creepy game!

Very nice. I feel like this could have just been described as its' own game or an actual sequel to 3am. Had a little problem finding the last tombstone but got there eventually :)

I liked it. Fun graphics/sounds etc. 

Pretty good. As others have already pointed out, there's a lot of potential here.

nice game! The art and music is great but the way it throws you into things is a bit much. It would be nice to have a simple, non-forced-scrolling level to start with so you can figure out the controls. :)

nice game! The art and music is great but the way it throws you into things is a bit much. It would be nice to have a simple, non-forced-scrolling level to start with so you can figure out the controls. :)

This was fun. Couldn't quite make it to level 2, but got close. Looks like there's been an update since I made the below video, will have to check out the new version.

this was pretty fun. It seems there's been an update since I made a video, will have to check out the new version.

Very fun game! A neat concept, fun graphics, awesome music, all around a great job! But I'm not very good at it. >.>

I made a video before the second song was added (I think, unless I missed it). But that's ok, because I tried it and did not do well. I did leave the song on while I finished the upload since it was so catchy :)

Interesting game. Trying not to smile is especially hard when you're doing youtube videos and have lately been trying to remind yourself to smile more :)

This was pretty fun, I especially liked the dancing animations and cute characters.

Nice, really cool idea. Found it almost impossible at first but started to get the hang of it once I started thinking of the sound as a real thing coming at me and letting my brain figure out where it was. Still difficult though.

Nice game! Just hard enough to be interesting but not so hard that it gets overly frustrating. Has some nice subtle horror too in that you're sure certain things are bound to happen but still surprise you when they do :)

Very cool. It has a very relaxing and calming feel to it and I can't imagine how awesome it must be in 3D.

That was interesting. Wouldn't say I got choked up by the end at all, but I felt very somber after going through Tobias's life and seeing how he reflected back on it.

Very cool! I love the atmosphere the game gets from the sound effects and music. :)

And this plays really well. Not too difficult. If anything it could stand to be a bit harder. The hardest part was finding places. I think a map would have helped. Even if not one that shows location but only the general layout to get an idea of how the areas are arranged.

I didn't play your earlier Scooby horror games, but I may have to go back and look at them now. 

Fun and very well made, love the look of it. Neat idea with the wheelchair, it is a bit frustrating to move but obviously that's intentional and it works. :)

Is there some way in (for dave or the others running the jam) to message all the people who joined the jam? It might be useful to get some feedback on why there were so few actual submissions. 

It will most likely be a combination of "ran out of time" too busy" and similar but there could be surprising reasons that would be useful to know for the next jam.

Very informative and simple but neat :)

Probably should explain in the description how to play it.

for people wondering. The game is made in scratch which is an online tool for making simple games.

If you download the file you can import it at the link above. Don't even have to create an account or anything.

Very nice and creepy. The ps style graphics adds a lot because it gets a bit unsettling to watch for a while. I'm very intrigued to see where this story is going too.

nice and creepy. Graphics and sound are great. Good job!

This was a fun little game.  Not just cute and fun but the controls were great. Wasn't frustrating to deal with moving stuff around. 

Neat game. Very creepy and atmospheric. My only complaint is all the time I spent trying to find the second gas can :)

This was fun. Another great game! It's just hard enough to be interesting and challenging but not so difficult as to be overly frustrating. 

Love it. Very creepy and beautiful game. Definitely interested in playing the rest when it comes out.

Pretty good. It made me jump a few times. 

Awesome game! Great Atmosphere and a lot of attention to detail for a small horror game.

Love the 60s scifi aesthetic. It seems real simple but it's actually pretty difficult to get through. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to an ending yet, but I've enjoyed it.

Great job. creepier than the original I think. I think maybe I got one final ending. 

Very creepy and weird and also fun.