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I enjoyed this. Very nice visuals and creepy atmosphere. I could only find two endings. 

This was great. Really enjoyed it. Nice scares and well put together. Though the cleaning reminded me more of house flipper than powerwash simulator :)

Got all 3 endings!

A fun game! Love the dog puns and glad to see Rodney can escape the corporate hellscape :)

Nice short little horror game.

Nice little game.

this was fun. Really enjoyed it. I see in the comments that there is a secret ending so I'll have to play some more :)

I liked it, nice short little horror game.

Pretty good little game. Definitely had some creepy moments.

This was neat and pretty confusing (in a good way).

This was very weird. Loved it.

Lol. Yeah I think I was very confused with that bug. 😀 

Thanks for watching! 

Very fun little game. I love when games play with horror concepts like this, so you're not even sure if it is horror :)

Pretty good little spooky game :)

It's pretty good for a first released game 👍

good luck in future games!

This is really cool. Very surreal and creepy. 

This was pretty good. Seems a little silly but has some genuinely creepy bits.

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This is really good. Was really short and creepy but interesting enough to make me want to find the endings. Got 6 of them.

Two of the endings are listed as number 3 (the van and the taxi I believe) and I couldn't find 4 and 7 so it seems like I am missing one of them (I'm guessing 7).

Pretty good. Nice little creepy game. I really liked the sound design.

You're welcome! Thanks for watching! 

This is pretty cool. I like the look and feel of it. I didn't do so well though :)

I liked this. Lots of creepy weird stuff that fits right into dreams.

This was pretty intense. Had to play a few times to save the world :)

This was fun, especially for a demo. Would love to see a full version.

Very nice creepy little game. I liked it.

This was fun. Definitely got the feel of the original game and put a unique spin on it.

I was able to beat it with incredible intelligence and not with sheer dumb luck :)

I enjoyed this. If you do add more I could see leaning into the mime thing by adding more "mime schtick" like walking into the wind or making a box. It's a fun little prototype kind of thing on its' own though.


This was a fun little game. Got two different endings, not sure if there's more.

Pretty well done and creepy. Congrats on markiplier playing it. 

I liked it. Pretty sure I missed some things though.

Really creepy and well done! 

Nice game! Really well done for a 48 jam game. You got me pretty good :)

Pretty interesting but I wasn't sure if there was an end or anything. 

I liked it. Pretty darn good for a 4 day game :)

Loved it. Very reminiscent of doghouse 2 (but unique enough to stand on its own). Got all the endings, unless there's some hidden ones. 

This was a fun little game. I have to ask though, can you say how many endings there are? I got 1 through 4 and it feels like there should be at least one more but I couldn't find any.

This was pretty fun. Got stuck in a couple parts for a bit which got a little annoying but it was short enough that it didn't really matter and I still felt compelled to finish. Nice game!

That was a nice little horror game. Nice atmosphere.

Pretty good for a sort jam game. You packed a lot of creepiness into a small package.