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Pretty good for its' length. Nice use of sounds and visuals to get across some creepiness in a short time.

This was kind of fun. I liked the different environments and enjoyed trying to break the game by going places you're not supposed to :) 

It would be kind of nice if there was a bit more to it. Some kind of goal like trying to cause as much damage in a certain amount of time or trying to make everyone unconscious or dead as quickly as possible. Speaking of that I never really figured out if there was a point where they don't get back up or if they will always get back up eventually.

That was a really fun crazy little game but I have a few questions. 

Does 16 sided cube mean something or is it supposed to be silly? Just wondering if there is some math/geometry meaning to the term.

Am I dumb if I play through to the end and still can't figure out how to get to the room I want without random guesses?

And about the code I found (you know the one). Does it mean something in the game or just a thing to see if anyone catches it? :)

Not bad, very odd and a bit creepy. I could almost swear I've played it before though. It reminds me of error 53 but it's been forever since I played that so I don't know if that's why.

Very cool. Like some have already said, checkpoints would be nice. Otherwise really well done! That scarecrow is creepy and the voice work is awesome!

Pretty cool game. I played v1.1 will have to try 1.2 and see how it's changed.

Great overall atmosphere and I love the visuals on this game. Even though I got lost a bit. :)

Pretty cool. Gets a little repetitive at times but the tense situation of not knowing what when you'll run into the monster or what it will do keeps the suspense up pretty good.

Very cool. Would love to see the full game you make out of the concept!

Very cool short game. And it did its' job because I am now interested in the movie :)

I somehow missed that Faith II came out and am gonna have to play that asap!

For what sounds like a silly horror game this is really well done. Good atmosphere and the game mechanics work really well. Very creepy to see it crawling around while hiding under a table.

Did get a little annoying when I would just get stuck going in and out of hiding because it just kept coming back. But it helped once I realized how many hiding spots there are, I missed a few at first and kept running all the way back. 

Nice game! Great atmosphere and use of sound and pixelated graphics. Got jumpscared pretty good. I only played chapter 1 so far but looking forward to the rest.

Decided to try it and it worked!

Wait for a villager to be at the edge and keep jumping at him. Jumping off the edge after getting up there has results expected in unity :)

thanks! :)

Pretty fun little game. Tried to break it and get out of the pit but doesn't seem possible. :)

I got 118.3
Don't know if that's good.

That was crazy and I loved it. 

yeah I saw it after making my video which I think was good. Got the full effect for the video :)

This was great. Especially for a first game. A few issues that others have already mentioned but was still creepy and well made. 

this was weird. But fun. I hadn't seen the original before so this was my first exposure to... this. 

lol. Would have just added to the weirdness if his head just kept turning :)

really kind of trippy. 

Pretty cool. Good atmosphere and controls and the hole thing makes for a unique experience. My only issue is I don't know if I just failed a few times in a row, or that's just how the game ends. All around, great job!

I also like the glimpse you get through the holes without really knowing what's going on there :)

Very neat. Like the two mode thing and will definitely try to keep an eye out for next versions.

Nice game. I could see a bigger game made out of this!

Not bad, if taken as an example of level design and visual effects it's actually pretty cool.

This was a fun little game and pretty well made. If you plan to work on it anymore, new areas would be nice. 

A nice little creepy experience. Felt apprehension around every corner :)

That was a fun experience! I think playing it on a computer in a short period of time does take away from it tho. I think playing it over two or three days with messages coming when you don't expect them probably makes it more immersive.

But the way you set it up made it pretty easy for recording (except that night thing :) ) and it would have been troublesome to record it under "normal" play conditions.

Great job! Felt a lot of different emotions in this. From confusion (lots of confusion), fear, hope and more. I can definitely see you put a lot of yourself into it and hope it was able to help you work through things. 

From a more technical perspective, there was also a lot of neat stuff here. You say in the description the graphics are little more than boxes and shadows but I thought you did an amazing job with the graphics. 

I liked it. Good atmosphere and the like. Very creepy. 

nice. Like the graphics and atmosphere. Story intrigued me a bit as there were enough clues to make me think I might have some idea of the bigger story. Looking forward to seeing the full version.

pretty cool. Nice atmosphere and visuals. Will be interested in seeing more.

This was pretty awesome! Even better than the first game. I always love to see games that can be genuinely creepy with old school graphics. Looking forward to the release of Chapter II.

I know this is a standalone story but I am curious if this story has any connection to the main storyline at all.

Redid the video with (hopefully) better sound quality. Sorry to anyone who tried to watch the first one.

Nice little horror experience. Good creepy atmosphere all around. Certainly enough atmosphere to expand out to a larger game if desired. I'll second what someone else commented and say it gave off a strong "The Thing" vibe. 

Filled out survey btw.

That was hilarious. Couldn't get past 20 something but had fun anyways. Could make this a series of games, the adventures of Mr. Buttman. :)

Very cool game. I love all the options and call backs to so many classic games. Solid controls, great audio and art!

Can't imagine how much work must have gone into this, between art sound, coding, etc. Seems like a lot for one person :)

pretty cool. Nice atmosphere with sounds and environment. Great job on the assets and bringing it together into a nice little creepy game!

I liked the effects (audio visual and controls) as you approach the end, gave an out of control feeling at just the right time.

Excellent job Dave! It does feel a lot like STFBTS but a lot more refined and detailed. I didn't get very far but will definitely be playing it until I can get through it.