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Loved it. Your games are always fun. I made a horrible mistake and didn't take the glasses tho :)

Nice little game here. I like that you have two very different things going on. Kind of interesting.

you're welcome. I will take a look at the sequel!

Great demo! Loved the first one and glad to see this coming back, looking forward to the full version.

oh that definitely would have been a lot easier :)

I'll have to give it another shot. 

Thanks for watching! 

This is a pretty neat idea. My memory is kind of crap but I think I did pretty good. Didn't finish it though.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

This was really good. I was tense throughout the whole thing. Managed to get ending #2. 

Very nice. great sound and nice game mechanics. I liked how the different passengers accounts for having extra lives :)

Very spooky and interesting story. Good job!

Pretty cool. good atmosphere. One jumpscare got me pretty good.

Very cool and freaky. A lot of tense atmosphere in the beginning when you don't know what's going to happen. Nice visual effects too.

This was great! 

That was pretty great and bizarre. Loved it.

Nice and creepy. 

oh good, I was afraid I was just being really dumb :)

Thanks for watching my video!

I liked it. Interesting little game. 

I may have run into a couple issues though. Locked up a couple times on me where I couldn't do anything but reset it. And the puzzle thing upstairs either wasn't working or I just couldn't figure it out.

Couldn't quite get to the end (might have gotten close not sure). Really neat though. Loved the 80s aesthetic and the experience even though I did get a little frustrated with it :)

Pretty creepy. Nice visual effects. 

You did a pretty good job of keeping the look and feel of the original video while adding your own stuff to make it original. 

Pretty good. Short and spooky. 

Very cool short game. Really like the atmosphere of it. 

you're welcome!

Pretty good.  Nice spooky atmosphere. 

I love games like this. Cute with a creepy undertone that gets worse as it goes. Nice job of sticking to the look and feel of tamagotchi!

This is pretty great. Very unique gameplay. Would love to see more.

very cool. Loved the visual effects. 

This was fun. Loved the humor and the spooks. 

I liked it. Didn't expect the ending because I was more suspicious of the dad's behavior. 

I liked it. Nice short little game.

neat and kinda trippy. 

I rather liked it. Creepy atmosphere and nice spooks. It does seem like I got stuck at one point. Just kept walking back and forth with nothing happening. Not sure if that was supposed to be like that. Still enjoyable though and didn't last too long.

Not bad. few rough areas but pretty good for an in-progress game. 

Really cool. Loved the look and gameplay of it. 

Very neat. Love the art style and the story so far.

part 2 (ending):

Really something. :)

Very surreal experience so far. Love the art and feel of it. Only up to day 4 so far.

There are a lot of bugs in here.Especially for a paid game. I ran into one really bad one at the end (I think) where it froze up and wouldn't continue.

Aside from that I did enjoy this, good timing on jumpscares and intriguing story. 

Pretty good. Well made and creepy. I had some weird stuff with the sound (intro music is real loud compared to in-game sound was very quiet). But that could have been a problem on my end. Fixed it pretty well with editing so it's not in the video.

Ending is a little odd because it almost seems to approve of her perspective but your comments clearly show that was not the intent. And it makes more sense after the fact. 

Have you considered putting some text after the game is over that could clarify the purpose and maybe provide some resources for people needing help?

Very neat. Interesting mechanics along with the story. Would love to see the idea fleshed out more.

Pretty good. Some spooky weirdness going on here.