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Well, you got me :)

With the notes and the version number I wonder, will there will be more to this?

You're welcome!

Ah I see. The identity thing makes sense then. My best guess had become you are her but had blocked it. Almost a split personality thing. 

I don't think you need to change the code really. Unless of course lots of people have the problem. I feel like I should have been able to figure it out though. :)

Very cool. I loved the atmosphere and the unique game mechanic worked really well. I am a little confused on something though. Is the character you play new and not in the records you find, or are you Laura?

I was really dumb getting through this. Got stumped on the code because I needed to think globally (trying to be vague and not give spoilers here).

You're welcome and thanks for watching my video!

Very weird and cool. Curious to see how the rest of the game will be.

I love the atmosphere and the way you did the graphics. Would love to see something longer in this style. 

Really short but nice. Nice puzzles and good creepy feel to it.

Well, that was unexpected :)

Pretty cool. I like the way the inventory works. The journal system is good too, but I think it needs a little work to make some things clear. mostly, I wasn't sure if I even needed to do anything once I collected the chess pieces. I see below that this is something you are aware of though.

So I did not finish the demo (based on other comments), but I think I got pretty close.

Loved the graphics in this. Great sound and environment. 

Only problem is spending a bit too long wandering with no idea what to do. Overall though it was great for a 24 hour game!

This was quite an experience in financial responsibilities. I had to play it twice to see if I missed anything.

I liked it. Short and sweet. Controls worked well. 

I liked that you took the setting of the previous game and did something completely different with it, although I would have been happy if it had just been more levels of the first one too :)

Not bad, the jumping mechanics seem kind of weird to me and led to me falling constantly on simple jumps but that might just be because I suck at platforming.

Sorry if I seem a bit harsh in the video at times, I try to offer constructive criticism on early access games.

Also, again, suck at platforming :)

I liked this. Had a few moments that creeped me out real good :)

You're welcome! I thought so but wasn't sure in the moment so didn't want to assume :)

This was pretty cool.  Definitely would like to see more. 

Very unique. I like the way the lighting works (although would have liked it to light up a bit more). Overall very interesting, took me a few tries but I got through it.

Ah. ok. I was going to make a video of it but it was so short I decided not to. Ended up finding the krusty cellar one in the process tho :)

Is this game really really short or am I missing something?

This was fun. You sure are busy lately, 3 games this week? :)

Enjoyable and weird as always. Still suck at the game unfortunately but still fun :)

Not bad. I liked the audio mechanic. Unfortunately I never found the bunker.

Pretty cool. some neat scares in it. Could use a little work but was fun. 

Really liked this one. I'm very interested to see where it goes and hope the story gets fleshed out. Also got me real good in that one spot :)

thanks for watching!

This was fun. A little daunting at times to try to avoid things in 3D that are designed like they are in a 2D game but not as bad as expected. I got a big Mega Man vibe from this game, was that an influence at all?

I really like the feel and gameplay of it overall.

My video is a little choppy but the game itself played pretty well on my system. So it's probably a good example of a system that's just barely good enough. In case you are curious I have an I3-550 with 8GB ram and a GeForce 1030 (I know it's a weird setup but I am in process of upgrading).

This is a neat little game. I did not finish it because I was starting to get a bit frustrated but I think it is really well made and the graphics and sound are pretty cool.

This was pretty fun already and I can see it getting a lot better in the future. I ran into a few bugs but that's to be expected in an alpha demo.

Awesome game! I love everything about it, the sounds and graphics kept things really creepy and made me tense the whole time.

I did run into a bug and ended up outside the map which I thought was intentional at first :)

I went back into it and found the ending though.

Great short horror game! 

Lots of little sounds to keep things creepy and the monster made me jump pretty good the first time I saw it.

cool. Thanks!


like any of the 3 in particular?  

Want to finish at least one of them at some point.

I enjoyed this. Pretty bizarre and unique.

I liked it. Atmosphere was pretty good and I jumped a couple times. I think more sound would be great though. Some sort of background noise going on.

That was pretty cool. I like the neat little effects like the way things looked up close.

I don't know if I fully understood what was going on but I was creeped out by the whole thing, so if that was the intent, good job! 

Very cool and creepy. Love the atmosphere here and the layout of the nightmare world was pretty disconcerting. I'm not usually too afraid of clowns myself but even without seeing them much, this game has a pretty strong effect.

Got to the end, but I think I just got lucky :)

Pretty cool. I did run into some glitches but made it through eventually. Still haven't figured out the stuff "after" the game. If I do, can I make another video? Or do you want people to stop at the first "end" of the game?

Finished chapter 3 and 4! Really loved the style of it.

I do like to be thorough :)