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Hi - fun game! Reminded me of a much, much, more intense Gyruss - an old arcade game in the 80s.

I host a podcast for indie devs  - called the Indie Dev Game Break. If you're interested in being a guest Jugi let me know and we can connect outside of here.

That unnamed bullet hell grid game I saw on twitter the other day looks amazing as well!



We're Stray Voltage Games - we're a group of 4 partners working on PC and Console games. We have a game ready to publish, and another larger scale one in the works. Our partnership includes 2 Developers/Level Designers, a Professional Sound Team, and a Professional Artist with a small group of 1-2 artists under him. We are looking to add a partner to lead our promotion, marketing, and social media/online efforts and better market our games and build a following. We have a first game almost ready for launch that we are waiting to release until we have this partner in place. This role would include maintenance of web pages and communities such as Itch, Steam, etc. As well, it would include our Twitter, Youtube and other Social Media channels relevant to the game industry. It also would include seeking out influencers, reviewers, and media to help promote the game. Lastly it would include writing press releases and online posts and media support and interviews. We have team members who can support with video content, images, and some written content. We are looking for someone familiar with marketing and promoting games.

This is an equity/partner role,  as we see this as a key role for our success, equity would be assigned evenly across the partners.

You can respond here. Also you can find me on discord at: grant-strayvoltage#2304, or be email at: (Five Media was an older brand we used).

Our website is:



What version of Windows? The exe for Windows does assume you have a java runtime downloaded and installed.

Nice, good match to the theme!

Nice- love the idea, good match to theme.

Great entry, a few fun puzzles in there I felt proud to solve!

Ha- took me way to long to get the pun!

Loved it! Totally reminds me of old exploration platformers. Liked the variety of enemies.

I like it, movement and feel reminds me a bit of paradroid. You could do a lot with that backtrack feature- you could do some interesting things with combat and puzzles if you build on it! 

Good theme interpretation both on the art style and throwing Bob back. Took me a minute to get that link!

That was hilarious. Very fun interpretation of the theme on multiple levels!

Good snake game ;) The plans you have sounds good, I agree you could really play around with the ghosts or other friend/foe mechanics and make something pretty interesting!

got it- thanks!

Nice, I like this genre, and the isometric tiles look great!  I think the controls could be a bit more intuitive- maybe even just some audio/feedback would help- a lot of times I'd press a button and nothing would happen- but after reading the instructions and working at it, it's more I didn't have enough power/etc. to issue that command. But as a newbie playing it, takes some work to get going!

Very cool! I just can't play in front of my kids- ha!

One question, is there something I should be doing clicking wise when it's time to run- like click the mouse fast, or something to escape?

Note for second player if using keyboard (WASD and I and O for buttons are the controls)

Very cool- loved the vector look/feel combined with the moody music. Also the switching to a ship was a neat game play element.

One question - on the boss, how do you hit the green/blue squares on the back side of the boss?

To create a love executable try this: 

copy /b TimeTrial.exe

I'll see if I can download love2d easily on it's own.


Posted a new version specifically for windows - Mac and Linux version coming shortly. Has multi-player support and slight touch ups to almost all levels. Purposely we posted it as a second file so as not to replace our game jam entry. (The cross platform Jar is the original game jam entry).

Good start! - but if you're  looking for enjoyment factor, I'd recommend a couple "easy" changes - add another enemy type or two, or have that flying enemy come at a different height- add the ability for short jumps/long jumps, and possibly a duck- then work in a mix of speed, and different enemies as you advance. Otherwise just from a gameplay perspective it gets repetitive pretty quick! But the framework is there to build on!

Here's a better time I did- I think just under 15 minutes is do-able.

If anyone is playing get's stuck- we have a series of walkthrough videos posted:

(1 edit)

Finally beat the full game. With the time crunch I never personally finished all the levels together myself-and I actually never fully completed stage 5- Kyperbelt- those last two levels were hard! About 85 of the 94 deaths were the final two levels!

Here was my  time/deaths.

The fact that it worked is interesting - so it does run on some linux builds then which is good! Two main differences I see is OpenJDK and 64 bit.


Yes, nice game boy classic type look. The main character moves nicely and I like his outlined look. I'd recommend go twin stick shooter style on this (or mouse to to as you've done could work) and get some enemies and it could be a lot of fun!

Fun game - audio and neon/vector/retro graphics really gave it a nice mood. Enjoyed it! - My high score was a paltry 200.

Be fun if you continue to add to it to work in a few more twists and enemy types!

Nice, you nailed the look/feel of those early games!

Really great idea- and great sound and mood/graphics overall! Other than clicking the mouse was there a keyboard button you could click instead? My one comment was it seemed overly hard to click the mouse button fast enough to get energy up to 20, which made the game a bit hard to play and probably turns some players off early.

Nice puzzle game...gets pretty challenging for sure!

Fun shoot them up- like the game boy and windows logo enemies - ha!

Very nice look/feel- will have to spend a bit more time with it to figure out the game play.

Very nice robotron take -love it.

Music set the mood nice- captured old school FPS well!

Very retro!

I'll see if we can't find an ubuntu machine to test on. We've tested on Mac and Windows - but not on linux desktop- however we're using LibGDX cross platform game engine (open source), so I was hopeful it might just work (always test, ha!)

Thanks! Yes- we did do the art - we have an artist as part of the team- he always does great stuff! Also Village Sound in Halifax did the music and sound effects for the game. I agree - I think the music fit the game really well- and the brain squishy sound worked out really well.