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A jam entry

DORK SQUADView game page »

Eat Donuts! Save Kittens! Kick Robobutt!
Submitted by eoinmcg (@eoinmcg) with 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 11 people so far
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a funny retro game !!


Damn this is difficult! Love the style and the sounds, what did you code this with? Think it would benefit from more progressive difficulty and introducing the different types of enemy more slowly. Oh and some in-game music.


Totally agree - I did want to balance it more, but ran out of time. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to add some more baddies and make them attack in waves.

BTW, it's made with Phaser - definitely recommend; easy to get into with great docs & community

Cool, looking to use Phaser for my next jam.


Great action and rich explosions. I love the idea that hurt robots get more aggressive.


Very nice robotron take -love it.




Great execution of an old-school arcade game! Sucks that you die in one hit, but I guess that's just the way those games were.


I agree!


Hey, thanks for playing! I did want to add lives or at least and energy system but ran out of time. Hopefully, I'll find some spare time to expand the game further and add a bit more depth