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a funny retro game !!

Normaly it fixe

hello , if u like shoot them up go to  :https://itch.io/jam/game-off-2017/rate/199410 thank

hi, great games with a lot of work well done! but
I doubt that it was created especially for GameOFF gamejam, ;-) anyway
thank you for open source project that I will study because I love godot
and that your game is well done.

funny game

thank you , what your os?

funny game!

good game like boulder dash !

Nice game ! i follow you on facebook ;-)  but where id throwback theme?

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Here is the  alpha 3 with an improved scoring system, autofire (before too many
people get hurt)  lot of gameplay changes and bug fixes

yes I understand my girlfriend to catch tendonitis and my son begs me to do it, I'll fix it soon

I love music and art !

one of the best game !

control inversed :(

A good litle game !


Good work, although I know this bug during the deleopement, I can't fix it due to lack of time and complexity to fix it. Have funny with !

Warning: too many rats can destroy your computer

good job but more level or feature are welcome

A very good idea and a great introduction, but I can not find how to open the chest and I do not understand the system of two buttons

You miss the source code ?

@ Novastrike Media

Thanks for the remark for windows (I have not had time to test it) so I fixed it right now !

@ +>eons

F8 work perfect under linux at home
Thank you for having enjoyed playing and you arrive until the end?

Very nice stagging and a good artistic spirit but the gameplay will have to be more fun than only shake it.
Good teamwork and organization of the project I take the opportunity to analyze all this