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Swarms InvasionView game page

Game created for the #ScoreJam
Submitted by MTT PROJECTS — 2 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#252.8143.111

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I love the menu! Super creative. The game is fun, though it takes a little long for the game to end (maybe only 30 bees instead of 100?). Also there seems to be something strange with the bee collision since they were often getting hit by my stones when they flew over them after the stone was far in the background and when the stones would all after hitting a hornet (and the hornets never got hit by those).

Other than those it was really fun and impressive for your second project!


Very fun!

The arcade machine in the menu is an impressive piece of work!

I had a couple of bugs, sometimes when you release the sling straight away the stones travel faster than when you pull it back longer.

But overall, very satisfying and love the style!


Thank you very much, and about the slingshot's mistake because I wouldn't know how to tell you much, this is just my second game in unity ^^ "


That's very impressive for a second game! Well done!


Thank you!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

super fun game, I really like the graphic style and the interpretation of the theme, however I find it unfortunate that we can't play with the game pad (because I'm not a qwert keyboard :()


I am new to unity and I really didn't know how to put the gaempad controls without giving me errors, but I will update it in the future to be able to add those controls ^^

Do you know about Input.GetAxis and the InputManager? They provide easy joystick functionality if you didn't :)


That title screen is just flawless. The gameplay is a lot of fun, too.


Thank you!