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Cool concept, def worth exploring. Besides the theme and special object issues, I would have liked it if the levels had a little more variation to them.

This is one of my favorites so far! Really slick level design, and for a game so timing based it was rarely frustrating. Love how you made such simple elements go far.

Consistent theme and palette throughout. Really love the art here! 

Thank you for streaming! It was really insightful seeing someone play the game. (Also I hope Ben Burnes never gets to see this)

I like all the little details you've taken care of. Makes it feel like a complete game. Sound is nice and the a rt direction is really great. Also, I think the difficulty was just fine. Maybe the game can start easy and get faster later on?

What a clever idea, lots of fun to play. Would've loved if there were some sort of pickups that just give you a second wind when the screen is choke full of zombies.

Thank you! I'm glad I could get it to a semi-enjoyable place in 72 hours.

I know there a number of issues with the bees that come from the right, I need to revamp the whole thing to make it more fun/less frustrating.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, I had planned to add a lot more but I spent 2 days on art before realizing that I have no game yet so I kinda rushed it in the end. I guess game jams are a lot about time management and materializing a prototype rather than perfecting a game.

Nice concept and sounds on there. I also really liked the menu transitions.

Thanks! It's considered good luck to whisper nic lines before attempting a run.

Thanks for the feedback! I played around with having the camera work differently as to not be too restricting but I couldn't come up with something that feels right in time :/

Maybe being able to push the camera forward without but setting a maximum distance for the bees would have worked? What do think would have worked?

Cool concept and game. My only issue is the enemies spawn too close sometimes making it frustrating.

Lovely game! I think I'm too good at it or it is on the easier side. Trippy aesthetic and quirky sounds, quite fun.

This is the sort of difficult that makes you want to try again rather than get frustrated and quit. It's just a very satisfying experience.

That's a cool concept. Took me a a bit of time to figure it out, but I don't blame that on the instructions :D

The sound was a bit in your face, but I got used to it quickly.

Simple yet effective. Some of the most fun I've had with any submission.

Nice game! I particularly enjoyed grappling with the controls.

Great consistent style, clear and purposeful sound design, classic gameplay with a clever twist. Really fun game overall.

I really like the visual style you went with, the simplicity works well with the cluttered "swarms".


That title screen is just flawless. The gameplay is a lot of fun, too.

Thank you so much!

That's some really nice music. The game was pretty difficult (maybe not knowing the song, maybe the 4-directional pad, not sure) but I love rhythm games and definitely enjoyed the challenge. Fun game!

Yeah, that makes sense. Should've kept that in mind for a game jam with SCORE in the title. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks. I wasn't sure I tweaked the numbers right to make it enjoyable, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sweet music and art. You really made the simplicity of the game world and background go a long way. My only issue is that maybe the game could have used a slightly wider aspect ratio so I could think and act on the challenges instead of going about in a a trial and error sort of progression. Great job!

Thank you!

Fun little game! I really like the visual effects, specially that smooth screen shake.

Thanks <3

Thanks, they do have unique weights. It's just not very well balanced because I didn't have enough time to submission :/

I really liked this, I think this might be one of the more polished entries I've seen. Great job on getting it this enjoyable. Loved the aesthetics and sound. Great entry!

Hilarious take on the theme! I gotta say I really liked the sound on this game. Small sounds on every action made it feel like every one had a real effect on gameplay and consequence and kept me engaged. I also managed to get on the leaderboard so there's that!

Mind if I asked how you did the leaderboard? It was really well executed and I didn't manage to make an online one for my game.

Great game! The concept is really fun to play and the visuals are sweet. Took me a while to get used to the controls, I was really raging when my dude just loses balances out of nowhere. The music gets a bit repetitive too quickly and I would've loved some sfx (e.g: when you're close to falling off, at descents, when you change direction too quickly, etc..) to break the monotony of playing losing playing. Really nice entry!

Hahaha, I tried to make the game's difficulty ramp up really fast so that people can lose and retry quickly rapidly never feeling beating their previous score too much of a commitment. That and at least a little bit of sadism. Thank you!

Hmm, maybe it's my connection but everything else is working fine for me. I did use the download buttons, and now the link you provided in your comment doesn't seem to be working either.

Hey, I think the windows download link is broken as of right now.

Thank you! Glad to see it worked for someone, I have been looking into the issue but I can't seem to figure it out yet.

Yes, this is a totally accurate hauling company simulator.

Thank you, took lots of iterations to come up with something that looks decent yet is simple enough for my limited artistic skills.

Nice little game. Really unique gameplay and a cute style, loved it!