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All Aliens Must Die!View game page

Submitted by kunic — 16 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#23.9413.941

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Simple but well polished! All the guns feel different and powerful in their own way (I didn't feel like I could make use of the gatling gun though because the aliens would swarm me to quickly to turn up the speed on it). Me and that rocket launcher went a long way :P (highest score was 494,800)

Overall great game!


The gatling gun is better early game than late, but I agree that it needs tweaking. I'm planning to make it fire you backwards so it'll be awkward but it'll let you evade a bit.


Nice! Very polished. I'm glad you took the arcade style score entry at the end seriously! I'm jealous because I ran out of time myself.


I'm so curious as to how you made the surface of the planet possible. It seems like a "simple" vertex shader, but the way it affects the enemies and projectiles as well throws me off. Easy 5/5 on technical implementation, easy. Good job, and wow!

Developer (1 edit)

So to get projectiles and enemies to go around the planet, you must first understand orbital mechanics! /jk (only just a little bit)

I used Unity, and I know you use Godot so I dunno how well this will translate, but I tried to keep it simple. I made all objects physics-based (rigidbodies), and disabled their gravity. I then applied force every physics frame in the direction of the center of the planet at a constant force equivalent to 9.8 meters squared (Earth's gravity). And that's all there is to it for a simple orbiting effect! 

I could apply force in any other direction (like a bullet), and if that force ends up meeting or exceeding the downward force, it'll enter orbit. You can see this happen sometimes with the shotgun or gatling gun powerups due to random force being applied to their bullets. 

Thanks for the comment!


Thanks for the write up! That translates perfectly to Godot :) I was thinking more of the geometry of the surface though, the player seems to dip into the "bumps" on the surface, or am I just hallucinating? Is that a complete mesh with collision shape?


Oh, the planet is just an ICO sphere in Blender that's had a displacement effect with the texture settings Clouds > Blender Original.  It's a toon shader with rim lightning. I unfortunately didn't have the time to implement shadows, so you can't easily see when you're dipping into the terrain.


Love the visuals of the game! Looks really good and well polished. All the particles, sound effects and explosions makes the game satisfying to play. Good Job :)


I really like the visual style you went with, the simplicity works well with the cluttered "swarms".


Thank you! I probably should've tweaked the alien color in retrospect due to the similarity with the grass, but I agree that simplicity with colors generally works well in swarms. 


Great graphics, really fun, and I just love how you put in the various weapons in the game, especially the gatling gun! 

I think the enemies look too similar to the wavy grass though. The screen shake also gave me a bit of a headache, lol. 

It's also great that you went all the way to do a retro-style score system, but given the players are mashing the shoot button all the time, I was skipping through and submitting scores for "AAA" - suggest using some other key to do the score submission.


Yeah, that highscore table was the bane of my existence. I took the Jam limitation of 1 button and 1 joystick very seriously, so i didn't want to switch to another key for that. In retrospect I should've probably just had a death animation play to pause the game for a few seconds, that way the player naturally didn't mash it.


Amazing job!

Very pretty, sounds amazing and the physics are very smooth!

You want start over straight away afer you die!


Thanks! I'm glad the game entices others to keep playing like it entices me :)


Graphics are really good! I like the diversity in the weapons, the different effects and animations. The little music is catchy and nice. Well done ^_^


Thanks :)

Credit goes to Joshua for that catchy tune.