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Wave Runner 1985View game page

3D Rail Shooter
Submitted by — 57 minutes, 6 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#123.3643.364

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Enter "YES" in the box to certify that all members of the team are at least 13 years of age

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What elements of the game did you NOT create? (No need to mention engine, OS, etc.)
Fonts, DOTween library, followed a youtube tut for the 3d waves

Would you consider your team Professionals, Hobbyists, or New?

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After getting used to the controls its fun! (I didn't realize I could shoot for a while because it was a different button from the menu :P) I didn't run into that seg fault you were describing so you must've fixed that dev log issue! I think you did a great job!


Hah. I never noticed that, but yes, you're right about the menu buttons. And the crashing is still there. I've hit it a couple of times in the build. Seems more likely if you just hold down fire and have bullets flying everywhere. Teach me for using an uber alpha Unity build!


I'm curious, what was the reasoning for using the alpha build, some feature you wanted specifically?


Just an opportunity to see what's new.


Amazing job! I loved the art. And as fredspipa said the controls felt really responsive.


Love the aesthetics here, had to go through your other games on as well for more. The responsive controls made it "easy" to navigate the torrent of bullets, made me feel like the skill ceiling was really high. Good job!


It looks,sounds and feels really cool! The mechanics and the sounds are really enjoyable!

I just had a small issue with the resolution on my computer, which seems to be changing every time you die in the game (after a couple of deaths it did look very very pretty as initially intended)

Good job!


Thanks for the feedback!

Weird what's happening there. Maybe I outsmarted myself when it came to saving preferences. I'll have to look into it.