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FlatsvermerView game page

Keep the swarm going! (visit game page for instructions)
Submitted by fredspipa — 17 minutes, 17 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#33.9093.909

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Love the aesthetic and the swarmlike manner of the flying ships in this game. Its a little hard to understand how to control the ships though, they seem to be rather momentum driven, and they can also get lost in the heat of the action sometimes. 


I really loved this - my best score was 3800 - the idea of adding ships to your swarm to increase survivability added an extra dimension of risk/reward - do I go the safe route and have it harder later, or do something risky to get some spare "lives".  The sound and colour scheme worked well together.  Really nice.


Thanks ❤️ I love that you saw exactly what I was going for; a swarms strength is in its numbers and you need to sacrifice some members to ensure the survival of the swarm, but if you lose too many the whole swarm is vulnerable.


Very relaxing with great sound design and use of colour!

Very pleasant!

The sound and the art are really nice!

The powerups and the little "ships" really seal the deal!


I really like the perspective you used, it's original. The art style is interesting, with all these geometrical shapes and this very good choice of colours. It's fun to play, and the music fits well with the game. Good job =D


Thanks! I appreciate you mentioning the music, it's my very first attempt and I was super insecure about it.


Smart to make an auto runner. Perfect game for a limited inputs jam! 

Loved the art style and gameplay. Unless I just suck and didn't get far enough, you could maybe have added a few more power-ups and variety in obstacles, but what you had definitely worked here. Good job!


Thank you for the great feedback! I failed to add a more descriptive introduction apart from the game page, but the gist of it is; you need to maintain as large a swarm as you can, as your score is multiplied by how many there are in your swarm. It's ok if half your swarm dies, there are constantly spawning yellow "flatsvermers" that you can recruit by flying next to them, and having a larger swarm increases the chance of picking up powerups and new recruits.

In short, Flatsvermers strength are in their (dwindling) numbers :)